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Churches should 'tremble' at transgender agenda, professor says

A University of Toronto professor at the centre of a transgender storm issued a stark warning for religious groups that are out of step with society's politically correct agenda.

"Tremble," said Jordan Peterson.

In response to a question regarding the implications of transgender politics for religious freedom, the professor described the "social-justice warriors" driving this agenda as "postmodern Marxists."

"Those people are no friends to religion, that's for sure," said Peterson, a political psychologist who has studied the psychology of totalitarianism for 30 years.

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Pakistani Muslim airforceman turns to Christ

Born into a Pakistani Muslim family, Pastor Siddique Paul struggled from childhood with a secret.

Born Mohammad Siddique, the son of a mosque leader, Siddique was drawn to the Bible as a young boy and a young adult, but kept coming back to the Islamic faith in which he was raised.

But when his wife fell sick in 1997, Siddique had an encounter with the Christian faith that had an ongoing impact. The doctor caring for his wife refused to let Siddique pay for her medicine, saying he'd prefer if Siddique and his wife would visit him once she was well.

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Stop Hillary Clinton's War on Christians

Like a frog in a pot of comfortable water, Christians don't realize that society's temperature is increasing to the point where Christians are now deep in the continuum of hate.
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Rona Ambrose Marches for Gay Activism

Unelected Conservative Party interim-leader Rona Ambrose betrays her past promises as she leads the party down a path of liberal policies. If she continues to lead the party down the liberal-lite path, Prime Minister Trudeau will severely damage the moral and financial foundation of Canada.

Ambrose is so liberal she copied Trudeau's slogan "Because its 2015" with her own "Because its the Current Year" as she marched in the Gay Parade. Her LGBTory logo is eerily similar to the Liberal logo with a capital L and a small maple leaf.

...Rona Ambrose Marches for Gay Activism

City apologizes after security guard barred man from women's bathroom: will 're-educate' staff

The City of Hamilton has apologized that a security guard insisted a person who looked like a male use, first, the men's, and then the family washroom at the MacNab Bus Terminal last year, despite his insistence he self-identified as female.

But the man in question, identified as "A.B." in the subsequent flurry of communications amongst the city, its bus system named the Hamilton Street Railway, and the Ontario Human Rights Commission, wasn't happy to be denied the women's washroom, and was reportedly "left in tears."

Although the city immediately apologized, as did the guard, and committed to the principle that people can use the washroom appropriate to their "self-identity," A.B. complained to the OHRC, which took the last 12 months to work out just how the city would prevent a reoccurrence.

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