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Terrorist attack victim shows signs of improvement

A Toronto-born man who was severely injured in a November terrorist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue is showing signs of improvement, says his brother.

Chaim "Howie" Rothman was one of the victims of the Nov. 18 attack which left five people dead when two Palestinian men - armed with guns, knives and an axe - stormed the synagogue.

Steve Rothman said his brother is now out of medically-induced coma, but remains in a coma. Howie lost his right eye and suffered brain damage in the attack.

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Netanyahu: We will not ignore even one rocket from Gaza

Israel's safety is the number one priority, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday, regarding a rocket from Gaza that landed in Israel on Friday and an IAF attack on a Hamas cement factory on Saturday in response.

Speaking during a Hannuka candle lighting ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said "I want to thank you soldiers for your contribution to Israel's safety. Israel's safety comes first. I won't allow even one rocket, and that is why the IAF responded to the rocket and destroyed a cement factory that was making cement to repair tunnels that were hit during Operation Protective Edge. Hamas will be held responsible for every escalation. We will protect Israel's safety. Happy holidays to everyone," he said.

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Security forces arrested more than 30 Hamas operatives suspected of involvement in plot uncovered in September

The Shin Bet and IDF thwarted a large-scale, transnational Hamas terrorism network that was preparing to carry out an array of deadly attacks against Israelis.

It was cleared for publication on Thursday that the network planned to target the landmark Teddy soccer stadium in Jerusalem, the capital's light rail system, car bombings, and kidnappings of Israelis in the West Bank and overseas.

The nerve center of the network was situated in Hamas's headquarters in Turkey, the Shin Bet added. Additional intended targets included infiltrations into Israeli communities, shooting and bombing attacks against Israeli traffic and military targets in the West Bank, and setting up terrorist cells in Jordan in order to carry out cross-border attacks into Israel.

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Netanyahu: Too many in Europe have learned nothing from the slaughter of 6 million Jews

Israel reacted furiously Wednesday to the European Court of Justice's decision to take Hamas off the EU's list of terrorist organization, rejecting EU explanations that this was just a "technical" step that will be overturned before it is implemented.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, before a meeting with Joni Ernst, the newly elected Republican senator from Iowa,  said this was one example of "staggering"  European "hypocrisy."

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Jews and Christian hold vigil for Jerusalem terror victims

Jews and Christians stood shoulder to shoulder in Toronto Nov. 25 at a moving memorial/prayer service for the four rabbis and a police officer murdered by knife and hatchet-wielding terrorists in the Nov. 18 massacre at Har Nof, Israel.

Held at Canada Christian College and sponsored by B'nai Brith Canada and Christians United for Israel (CUFI) one week after the attack, the solemn hour-long vigil heard local rabbis and ministers alternate prayers with declarations of resistance to terrorism. Five candles were lit in memory of the victims who were butchered as they recited morning prayers in synagogue, and of the Druse policeman who responded.

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Abbas defends UN Security Council draft resolution: This is how we end the occupation

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met on Thursday with his leadership and told them the details of a newly-submitted UN draft resolution which calls for an Israel withdrawal from Palestinian territories by 2017.

Jordan formally submitted  the draft to the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday.

In the West Bank city of Ramallah, Abbas met with the Palestinian leadership in his presidential compound where he updated them on the contents of the draft resolution.

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Al Jazeera op-ed praises Jerusalem synagogue jihad massacre

The U.S. government should have long ago designated Al Jazeera a terrorist organization, in the same way that it designated Al Manar (Hezb'Allah TV) a terror organization. What's the difference between the two? Al Jazeera is the leading terrorist propaganda organization in the world. Then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called the broadcaster's reporting "vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable," and President George W. Bush joked about bombing it.

Jihad murder mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki has praised Al Jazeera, and several years ago one of its most prominent reporters was arrested on terror charges. Al Jazeera was for years the recipient of numerous al-Qaida videos featuring Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and American traitor Adam Gadahn.

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Muslim Gangs Continue To Terrorize 55 Neighborhoods, Police Powerless

Following the police report conceding the areas to the primarily Muslim immigrant gangs, the Swedish ambulance union is now demanding military grade protection gear to enter the no-go zones.

There have been a number of violent incidents lately, where thugs attack ambulances responding to calls in the zones. Thugs have slashed the tires of the ambulances, smashed their windshields and hurled large rocks from overpasses, while the paramedics themselves are subjected to both armed and unarmed physical violence on a regular basis. The situation has become so dire that the ambulance union now demands dramatically improved protection for its members.

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"Temple Denial, is also denial of the Gospels," says former Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren.

Although the current Temple Mount debate focuses on Jewish and Muslim worship, the holy site also has religious significance to Christians. Who practices their religion on the Temple Mount is a very different question to who can stake religious claim to the holy site.

Last week Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Jordan's King Abdullah and US Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the recent incidents of terror provoked by the Temple Mount debate.

"Following Thursday's talks" Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh told reporters, "firm commitments were made to maintain the decades-old status quo that allows only Muslims to pray at Al-Aqsa."

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Chanukah Gifts for Soldiers Moments before Chemical Attack

Jerusalem, Israel - Following a visit to Hebron, Dr. Charles McVety, National Chair of CUFI Canada, the country's largest pro-Israel advocacy organization was with the group at a Military Base in Gush Etzion distributing Chanukah gifts to soldiers, as some of the soldiers were suddenly gearing up for immediate action.

The soldiers were called to assist in dealing with the chemical attack at the El Hadr junction. A chemical terrorist attack against a family and a hitchhiker had just taken place.

Anti-Semitism 'now back as bloody as ever'

Just like back in the Second World War, these innocent souls were savagely slaughtered simply because they were Jewish.

It's the odious, foul truth.

And a group of Toronto Christians are planning to send a message that not only is what happened in Jerusalem an unacceptable atrocity, it's time for people around the world to say enough is enough.

"As fellow clergymen we are deeply saddened by the slaughter of four rabbis, butchered while praying in their synagogue in Jerusalem," Rev. Charles McVety said Wednesday. "We are compelled to hold a candlelight vigil to reflect, respect and honour the lives that were so ruthlessly taken."

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Australian Hostage Taker Named as Iranian Refugee

An Iranian refugee known for sending hate mail to the families of Australian soldiers killed overseas and facing several charges of sexual assault is the armed man holding an unknown number of hostages in a Sydney cafe, a police source said on Tuesday.

Man Haron Monis, a self-styled sheikh, remained holed up in the cafe some 15 hours after the siege began.

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Israeli drone commander on the agonizing split-second dilemmas that represent the future of warfare

Few human beings are forced to take life-or-death decisions as routinely - or as rapidly - as those who hold the shattering power of Israeli military drones in their hands.

The turmoil in Jerusalem this week, where four Jewish worshippers were bludgeoned to death inside a synagogue, represents the rawest agony of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Yet far away from the bloodshed, highly skilled operators sit in the safety of air-conditioned control rooms, waging an automated war from the skies.

Major Yair is one of Israel's most experienced drone commanders; he served in the Lebanon campaign of 2006 and throughout the last three wars in Gaza. Day after day, this 31-year-old had to wrestle with the agonising dilemmas that moral philosophers have argued over for centuries.

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N.Y. police kill attacker at Brooklyn synagogue after student is stabbed in the head

A knife-wielding man stabbed an Israeli student in the head inside a synagogue at the Brooklyn headquarters of an international Jewish organization early Tuesday before being fatally shot by police after refusing to drop the knife, authorities said.

The man stormed into the Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Crown Heights at about 1:40 a.m. and attacked Levi Rosenblat, who was studying inside the synagogue, spokesman Rabbi Motti Seligson said. He said there were other people inside at the time.

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Jordanian MPs hold moment of silence for two Palestinian terrorists

Jordanian parliament members held a moment of silence and read Koran verses aloud Wednesday in memory of the two Palestinian terrorists who murdered five Israelis in an attack at a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning

"Regarding the martyrs who bombed and murdered Zionists, I'm asking the respected parliament to stand up and to read the al-Fatiha [verse from the first chapter of the Quran] to glorify their pure souls and the souls of all the martyrs in the Arab and Muslim nations," an unnamed MP said, according to a Channel 10 translation of the remarks at the parliament session.

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Two Israelis stabbed in West Bank supermarket attack

Two Israelis were wounded in a stabbing attack in a supermarket near a West Bank settlement on Wednesday. 

Police said a Palestinian teen entered the Rami Levy supermarket in Mishor Adumim industrial park, located near the settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim, and stabbed two people. Police said they were treating the incident as a terrorist attack.

The assailant, 16, was shot by an off-duty security guard who works at the Prime Minister's Office and sustained moderate wounds. He has been arrested, along with an employee at the supermarket and another suspect.

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Christian and Jewish leaders to show support for Israel following attack on Jerusalem Synagogue

Dr. Charles McVety President of CUFI CANADA, (Christians United For Israel), Canada's largest Christian pro-Israel advocacy group deplores the barbaric Islamist attacks on Jewish worshipers in Jerusalem.

The "silent" intifada must be exposed and Israel must know that it has friends who understand and support the actions taken to protect Israeli citizens, Jewish, Christian and Muslim.

"It is important that we now visit Israel to demonstrate that the Islamists will not frighten good believing Christians and Jews"

Dr. McVety will be joined by Professor Frank Dimant, the Chair of the Modern Israel Studies Dept. at Canada Christian College for meetings with Government and Military leaders.


Germany opposes unilateral recognition of Palestinian state

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday that Germany was opposed to the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, urging for the renewal of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

Merkel said Friday that Berlin supports a two-state solution and "we see how difficult that is, so we also believe that unilateral recognition of the Palestinian state won't move us forward" toward that goal.

She said it's better to focus squarely on getting Israeli-Palestinian talks going although "that appears very difficult in the current conditions."

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Jerusalem synagogue attack kills 4; Canadian-Israeli citizen among 8 injured

Two Palestinians stormed a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday, attacking worshippers inside with meat cleavers and a gun, killing four people and injuring eight others, including a Canadian-Israeli citizen, before they died themselves in a shootout with police.

The attack, the deadliest in Jerusalem in years, is expected to ratchet up fears of sustained violence in the city, already on edge amid soaring tensions over a contested holy site.

Canadian officials wouldn't name the injured Canadian, who holds dual citizenship, citing a need for privacy, CBC's Hannah Thibedeau reported.

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French FM: Paris will recognize Palestinian state if peace efforts fail

France said on Friday it was working with partners on a "final" diplomatic push to overcome the impasse between Israelis and Palestinians, including by setting a two-year timeframe to end the conflict through a UN-backed resolution.

"If this final effort to reach a negotiated solution fails, then France will have to do what it takes by recognizing without delay the Palestinian state," Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told parliament.

Lawmakers are set to hold a symbolic parliamentary vote Tuesday on whether the French government should recognize Palestinian statehood as, a move that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called a "grave mistake." The vote has raised domestic political pressure for the government to be more active on the issue.

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The Flag of Palestine Before 1948

Above photo: The actual flag of Palestine - 1939. Further proof of the lie (as if we needed any more) of the vicious historical revisionism by the Muslim world to erase the Jewish State and create a mythical Islamic narrative surrounding five thousand years of Jewish history.

The fact is that Palestine is Israel - the Jewish homeland.

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