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Arab Threat Shuts Down New Road Hours After It Was Opened

The new road leading from Ramallah to the Arab town of Bitin in Samaria was opened to Arab traffic by the IDF as a "gesture" on Monday, only to be closed again on Tuesday following a serious security incident committed by an Arab driver.

On Monday night, mere hours after the opening, an Arab car driving on the road blocked a Jewish car on its way to Beit El, which is located adjacent to the new road, forcing the Jewish driver to swerve to the side of the road.

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Arabs in Yafo Tell Hamas They'll Fight Housing Plan

The building plan to construct thousands of new housing units in Yafo (Jaffa), a welcome development as Israel suffers in the grip of a nationwide housing crisis, is being met with condemnation among radical leaders of the city's Arab population.

The plan, which was passed by the Israel Land Authority and the building council of the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, was denounced by Abd al-Kadr Satal, chairman of the Popular Committee of Yafo.

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Supporting Christians in the Middle East IS Zionism

Significant public discussion began last week around Israel's and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commitment and mobilization to assist the wounded and missing from the earthquake in Nepal.

A large IDF delegation left for the disaster area in Kathmandu and within a few days they established a field hospital as well as a system for locating missing Israelis in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course, the results were not long in coming. Nearly all the Israelis were located, many of them were evacuated to Israel, and the IDF's Medical Corps field hospitals have provided medical services to thousands of Nepalese victims wounded during the initial earthquake and its aftershocks.

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Obama Offered 50 Cows for His Daughter's Hand in Marriage

US President Barack Obama's 16-year-old daughter Malia has attracted unsolicited attention from Kenya, where the president's father was from, as one intrepid Kenyan lawyer on Tuesday offered a motley selection of livestock to marry the teenager. The lawyer, Felix Kiprono, of the Kalenjin tribe, said he would pay Obama 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats to marry his daughter, reports AFP.

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PM's wife pays tribute to Holocaust victims

Much of what was a concentration camp is long gone. So are most of the 107,000 people who went through there during the Second World War bound for extermination.

But as Prime Minister Stephen Harper's wife saw first hand Tuesday, train tracks remain as a reminder of just what kind of evil happened there. It seems 70 years has not erased the horrors of Kamp Westerbork or the heroism and stories of survival either.

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Jewish Teen's One-Man Protest Blocks Temple Mount Entrance

Routine discrimination against Jews on the Temple Mount is certainly nothing new. Despite its status as the holiest site in Judaism, due to Muslim pressure and threats Israeli police maintain a blanket ban on any forms of non-Muslim worship.

In practice, the measures target visibly-Jewish visitors, who are only allowed to visit during certain hours of the day and whose groups are severely restricted in size and closely monitored for anyone daring to pray - an arrestable offense.

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Two gunmen killed outside Muhammad cartoon contest

Attackers open fire at security guard outside controversial contest in Garland, Texas, are shot by police. Authorities in a Dallas suburb said Sunday that two armed men who opened fire on a security officer outside of a contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad have been killed.

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Amnesty: Hamas guilty of war crimes against Palestinians during Gaza war

Hamas forces carried out a brutal campaign of abductions, torture, and unlawful killings against Palestinians accused of "collaborating" with Israel and others during Operation Protective Edge last year, according to a report published on Wednesday by Amnesty International.

The report reveals that Hamas carried out at least 23 extrajudicial executions during the war. Some of the executions were documented at the time by Palestinian journalists and photographers, prompting Hamas to halt the public killings.

Entitled "Strangling Necks: Abduction, torture and summary killings of Palestinians by Hamas forces during the 2014 Gaza/Israel conflict," the Amnesty International report accuses Hamas of killing members and supporters of Fatah.

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Avigdor Liberman Resigning from FM, Quiting Coalition, Heading to Opposition

Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) dropped a political bombshell today, and apparently not as a negotiating tactic, when he announced he is quitting as Foreign Minister and his party will not be joining PM Netanyahu’s coalition.

Liberman, unhappy with the directions of the negotiations said his party will be sticking to its principles, and as a result, will be joining the opposition. He wants Hamas destroyed and construction in the settlements. He also wants to be Foreign Minister again, which Netanyahu doesn’t want.

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Israel's answer to the BDS movement - Gilad Erdan

Former interior minister Gilad Erdan said on Monday that he joined the coalition after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to give him "the necessary tools" to combat "attempts to boycott and delegitimize the State of Israel."

After he had agreed to enter the government in exchange for control over the ministries of public security, strategic affairs, and hasbara, Erdan posted a long notice on Facebook in which he explained his reasoning for joining the coalition.

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U.S. Navy Starts to Accompany Ships in Strait Where Iran Seized Cargo Carrier


The U.S. Navy has begun accompanying American-flagged ships in the Strait of Hormuz, defense officials said on Thursday, in response to Iran’s seizure of a Marshall Islands-flagged ship this week in the gateway to the Persian Gulf.

Navy warships are providing greater protection for U.S.-flagged vessels moving through the narrow strait where Iranian patrol boats confronted and took control of the M/V Maersk Tigris on Tuesday.

Tensions in the Gulf are bringing further uncertainty to U.S. efforts to forge a nuclear agreement with Iran by a June 30 diplomatic deadline.

While Iran characterized its seizure of the cargo ship as the outgrowth of an unresolved financial dispute, American military officials said they saw it as a provocative show of force by Tehran.

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Canada stands by Israel 'through fire and water,' Harper tells Montreal Jewish group

"What is the difference between Hamas and Israel, and ISIS and us?" Harper asked in a speech to accept a humanitarian award for his support of Israel from the Jewish Community Council of Montreal.

"There is just one thing. Hamas is a lot closer to Israel than ISIS is to us. Israel is the front line of free democratic nations, and any who turn their back on Israel or turn a blind eye to the nature of Israel's enemies do so in the long run at their own peril."

The Jewish Community Council of Montreal, a non-profit organization that was founded in 1922 and is responsible for certification of Kosher products, made the prime minister the first recipient of its King David award. King David of Israel was a central figure in the Old Testament who united Israel and who led victorious battles against the Philistines.

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EXCLUSIVE: Netanyahu rejected Kerry's request to visit Israel

The level of tension between U.S. and Israel keeps increasing: Channel 2 News reported on Sunday that immediately after Benjamin Netanyahu won the General Elections in Israel, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry asked to visit Israel. According to the report, the Israeli Prime Minister had decided to reject the latter's proposal saying he rather wait and plan a visit only after a coalition will be formed.

John Kerry had asked to meet the Israelis in attempt to promote political matters in the region, including the standoff over the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. In addition, it was also mentioned that Kerry had wanted to make sure that Netanyahu won't break some of promises with regard to the negotiations before he'll manage to form his new coalition.

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Netanyahu: Jerusalem won't be divided again

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday vowed that Jerusalem would never be split in any peace deal with the Palestinians, and said construction throughout the capital would continue, despite international criticism.

In a Knesset speech marking Jerusalem Day, which was on Sunday, the prime minister goaded opposition leader Isaac Herzog to clarify his position vis-a-vis Jerusalem and concessions he would be willing to make to the Palestinians. The challenge prompted an angry response from Herzog, who maintained he would never divide Jerusalem, while accusing Netanyahu of calling its unified status into question.

"Jerusalem won't be divided again," Netanyahu said. "It won't go back to being a frontier or a border town."

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Dutch Baptist Pastor Takes to the Streets to Show Solidary With Israel and Jews

A Netherlands-based Baptist pastor and members of his church took to the streets of Amsterdam with Israeli flags in order to express support for Israel and Dutch Jews. Canadian-born pastor Stan Kamps, who runs an English-speaking church in the Dutch city of Almere, led a group of his church’s parishioners who walked around Amsterdam holding Israeli flags and handing out literature about Israel to people they encountered.

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2015 United Jewish Appeal's Walk With Israel

Support, solidarity, and assistance.

These were the predominant themes during the 48th annual Walk With Israel in Toronto on Monday when more than 17,000 people took up placards and blue-and-white Israeli flags for a march from Coronation Park, through the city's downtown, and on to Ontario Place.

Steve Shulman of the United Jewish Appeal said the event is designed to "celebrate shared values between Canada and Israel and to raise significant dollars for educational, social, and health care initiatives in Israel.

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Victim of Palestinian vehicular attack in Jerusalem released from hospital

Two week after being seriously wounded in a Jerusalem vehicular terrorist attack that killed Shalom Yohai Cherki, Shira Klein, 24, was released from Hadassah University Medical Center in Ein Kerem on Thursday.

Klein was placed on a ventilator and sedated for several days after sustaining head and hand wounds during the late-night attack carried out by Khaled Koutineh, at a French Hill bus stop on Haim Bar-Lev Boulevard.

Earlier this week, she was transferred from the intensive care unit to orthopedics, upon regaining consciousness.

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Vatican Preparing to Recognize PA as 'Palestine'

The Vatican intends to officially recognize the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a "state," senior Foreign Ministry officials implied Wednesday. A declaration on the issue was formulated today with representatives of the PA, sources said, and is expected to be signed in the coming days.

It will make clear that the Holy See has decided to change the diplomatic relations, which were so far with the PLO, and instead establish official relations with "Palestine" as a sovereign state. Read More

Expert who predicted Iran's seizure of Marshall Islands ship: "It's disgraceful that the Obama administration has just pushed this aside"

On Tuesday, Iran seized a Marshall Islands cargo ship called the Maersk Tigris, heading through the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

The Marshall Islands is a small country that gained independence in 1986.

However, in accordance with a treaty that was signed, the US has full legal responsibility for the defence of the Islands.

This is why this move is so provocative.

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Canada May Propose Defining Boycott of Israel a 'Hate Crime'

The pro-Israel Canadian government may be planning to include boycotts of Israel as a hate crime, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported Monday.

It said that such a move would target organizations such as the United Church of Canada, Canadian Quakers, campus protest groups and labor unions. It also would raise legal questions under Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canadian Prime Stephen Harper is unarguably the most pro-Israel head of any government in the world. He sounded like an echo of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his visit to Israel last year.

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Israel Sends Large-Scale Mission to Nepal

A 260-member team from Israel arrived in Nepal Tuesday to aid in search and rescue operations and to set up a multi-facility field hospital that can treat at least 200 patients daily.

Over the weekend, the death toll following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Saturday rose past 2,500.

"An advanced multi-department medical facility, equipped with approximately 95 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies from Israel and a medical staff of 122 doctors, nurses and paramedics will be rapidly established in the city of Kathmandu to provide medical care for disaster casualties," the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said in a statement.

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