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Dr. McVety

Conservative Budget Bail-in Regime May Allow Banks to Confiscate Customer's Deposits

by Dr McVety

On March 21st, 2013, Prime Minister Stephen Harper had his Finance Minister Jim Flaherty present their 2013 Budget that included a "Bail-In Regime" on page 145. "The clause will allow banks to convert liabilities into capital in times of need". The recent events in Cyprus, coupled with the G20 agreement in Mexico City-2012, suggest that this so called bail-in scheme may be used to plunder the savings of Canadians.

...Conservative Budget Bail-in Regime May Allow Banks to Confiscate Customer's Deposits

Landlord keeps his shoes on, loses everything else

A landlord in Canada has sold his home to pay the $12,000 fine levied by a human rights tribunal that ruled he harassed Muslim tenants.  

"I don't have any money. It has just shattered me," John Albi, 53, said of the $12,000 fine imposed by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

The tribunal levied the fine in April. It ruled that Albi created a "poisoned housing environment" when he refused to take off his shoes when asked by the Muslim couple who were renting the ground floor of his Brampton home, The Toronto Sun reported at the time. 

"It's something of a fascist or totalitarian regime," observes Dr. Charles McVety, who has fought Canada's left-wing progressivism as president of Canada Christian College.

McVety compares the Human Rights Tribunal to a Soviet-era court, where evidence and defense don't matter.

"They are coming up with just the most insane attacks on Canadian freedom," he warns.

In a follow-up story in May, the Sun revealed that Albi is a Nigerian who came to Canada two decades earlier. The apartment rental helped pay the home's mortgage, he explained, and he had been doing so for 15 years before the Muslim couple filed a complaint against him.

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Don't be duped by Trudeau's carbon pricing plan

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon pricing plan released Thursday by Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna is a political fraud.

It will not achieve the government’s promised industrial greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for 2020 or 2030.

It will increase the cost of living for Canadians, adding hundreds of dollars to their annual household bills, year after year.

The plan says that by 2022, we will be paying an estimated 11.6 cents more per litre of gas alone, solely due to carbon pricing.

It omits that after that, we’ll be paying even more, as Canada’s carbon price continues to rise.

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Gay Privilege?

Gay Privilege?

Canada was founded upon principles that recognize the rule of law. "Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination" according to our Charter. However though, there is one group that appears to be above the law, who can violate the law with impunity and even gain the blessing, funding and participation of the Prime Minister. 

Every year gay's march down Toronto streets fully nude, visually violating little children. They clearly break law "174 (1) Every one who, without lawful excuse, (a) is nude in a public place." Imagine if this was your little girl and boy out shopping at the Dollar Store and then accosted with male genitalia. 

Gays not only can skirt the law they can order the police around. This year the Pride Committee discriminated against police, banning them from the parade while still enjoying $260,000 tax payer dollars and even have Mayor John Tory revel as police are snubbed.

If are regular citizen did this, he would be arrested. If any group tried to dictate to the police they would be rejected. Where is equality before the law? Is this gay privilege?

A Great Preacher of God's Word, Dr. John Wesley White, Has Passed Away

Dr. John Wesley White, a Billy Graham Evangelist and one of the founding partners in establishing Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies, died this week. He was a great man of God.

John Wesley White was born on a farm near Pangman, Saskatchewan. From his rural beginnings he rose to earn a Ph.D from Oxford University and he became Billy Graham's Associate Evangelist as well as the author of 23 best-selling books.

...A Great Preacher of God's Word, Dr. John Wesley White, Has Passed Away