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The Darkest Day - Three Things America Lost on June 26th

The Darkest Day -Three Things America Lost on June 26th

Morality - Children - Freedom

1. Morality - Jesus Christ forecast 2000 years ago that in the last days it would be like the days of Lot and Noah where right would become wrong and wrong, right. SCOTUS has established a new morality where Christians are against the law and are now considered immoral, just like racists.

2. Children - Parents no longer have the right to determine their children's education. They will now be taught radical sex education under the power of the law and that their parents are immoral, haters.

3. Freedom - Just as racists have no public standing, Christians now fall into the same category in the eyes of government, judiciary and the public square.

Same sex marriage is not about two guys down the street wanting to get married. Over 90% of gays do not marry. It is all about establishing a new morality where the righteous are considered wicked and the unrighteous are considered loving, kind and caring.

Proof - Canada