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Stop the War on the Church

Conservative 2013 Budget May Allow Banks to Confiscate Customer's Deposits

By Dr. Charles McVety

President, Canada Christian College

On March 21st, 2013, Prime Minister Stephen Harper had his Finance Minister Jim Flaherty present their 2013 Budget that included a "Bail-In Regime" on page 145. This clause will allow banks to convert liabilities into capital in times of need. The recent events in Cyprus, coupled with the G20 agreement in Mexico City-2012, suggest that this so called bail-in scheme may be used to plunder the savings of Canadians.

TDSB delays rental increase for church groups

TORONTO - Church groups facing 800% rent increases at the Toronto District School Board got an early Christmas present this month when trustees voted to defer the fee hike until September 2013.

But, Dr. Charles McVety of Canadian Christian College says the delay does nothing to solve the issue for faith groups that have banded together to fight the hike in the fall. School board officials jacked up rent for community groups to help offset a $110-million budget shortfall.

“In typically incompetent fashion, all they do is kick the can down the streets,” he said, adding many churches have already sought out other space. “It seems to be the (trustees’) M.O. They don’t really deal with much.”

Pastors pray for TDSB over massive rent hikes

TORONTO - A group of city pastors are praying for divine intervention in their rent dispute with the Toronto District School Board.

The church groups rent space from the board and face increases of 800% as school board officials raise cash needed to help offset a $110-million budget shortfall.

The pastors gathered outside of the board’s Yonge St. headquarters Wednesday to protest and pray.

“This is not civil behaviour,” organizer Charles McVety, of the Canadian Christian College, told a small crowd over a loud speaker. “This is not the action of a decent landlord. It is mean spirited. I don’t even believe it’s lawful.”

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Privacy please! Toronto school board opens all kids' washroom doors

Does the Toronto District School Board’s latest policy make it OK for a boy to enter the girl’s washroom whenever he ‘feels’ like it?

In another controversial move, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has declared that transsexual and ‘gender non-conforming’ students and staff have the right to use whichever washroom they please.

Since the TDSB’s use of the term of ‘gender’ is all about how one feels, this means that any student could enter any student washroom whenever they like – and it would be against the human rights policy to question it. The same goes for staff and their respective washrooms.

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School rental hike wallops small faith groups

He’s not turning the other cheek. Small churches are “under attack,’’ and an outraged Rev. Charles McVety is calling for a noon protest rally on Wednesday outside the Toronto District School Board’s head office at 5050 Yonge St.

The president of Canada Christian College says he’s heard from dozens of “distraught’’ members of small Christian congregations — many of them “new Canadians who don’t have a lot of money’’ — upset about the TDSB’s whopping increase in fees for the board facilities they use for services.

The increases are effective Sept. 1. What’s riling the churches isn’t just that they weren’t notified until the end of August, even though the decision was made by the board last February. (Other community groups, like soccer clubs, also face hefty fee increases.)

It’s the fact that the board has decided that faith-based groups will no longer qualify for subsidies provided by the Ministry of Education Community Use of Schools program, designed to make rental space more affordable for non-profit groups.

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Report: Restrictions on religion rise worldwide

Pew, a Washington-based social science research center, said the study aimed to provide a clear measure of restrictions around the world but did not attempt to evaluate them or analyze the reasons why they rose during the study period.