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Canada is trying to push abortion in his country. This pro-life Bishop is fighting back

An African bishop slammed the Justin Trudeau government after a Liberal minister said Canada must be “subtle” in pushing abortion in African countries where it is not legal.

International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau made the remarks to the Globe and Mail when discussing the Liberal commitment of $97 million to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"In Canada, you are very interested in the abortion part, but if we want to be effective here, the idea is not to put the light specifically on that. We have to be more subtle," Bibeau said.

"The idea is not to put us and to put our partners who work in the field every day in a delicate situation."

But Bishop Emmanuel Bajedo of Oyo, Nigeria, decried the minister’s comments.

"Can there be a subtle way of committing a crime? I think not," he told LifeSiteNews in an email.

"Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau’s comments show that she and her government do fully realize that they are engaged in an illegality in the DFRC, by pushing this pro-abortion methods on women in a country where abortion is illegal," he said.

"Unfortunately, some Western countries today play by the ‘economic might is right’ principle," added Badejo, communications director for the African bishops.

"The Liberal government puts a doubt to the general belief that true civilization goes as well with ethical and moral considerations."

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