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Protect Children

Schools Will Teach Students 'Transgenderism' To Help Them Determine Their Preferred Sex

Fairfax County Public Schools released a report recommending changes to their family life curriculum for grades 7 through 12. The changes, which critics call radical gender ideology, will be formally introduced next week.

"The larger picture is this is really an attack on nature itself - the created order," said Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council.

"Human beings are created male and female. But the current transgender ideology goes way beyond that. They're telling us you can be both genders, you can be no gender, you can be a gender that you make up for yourself. And we're supposed to affirm all of it."

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Protest against new sex-ed curriculum this weekend

Opponents of the new provincial sexual education curriculum plan to rally against it Saturday at Charles Clark Square.

The protest will be held between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

MPP Monte McNaughton (C-Lambton-Kent-Middlesex) will be the keynote speaker. He'll be joined by other speakers including Dr. S. Kooner, Gregory Moore, Michael Weston, Paul Novelletto, Louise Thachuk and Hamam Nassereddine.

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Why Kathleen Wynne's claim that parents can 'opt out' of sex ed is an utter farce

Parents objecting to the Ontario government's new, pansexual sex education curriculum should not be reassured by Premier Kathleen Wynne's promise they can always remove their children when offensive lessons are taught, says parental rights advocate Lou Iacobelli.

Just look at the Tourloukis case, says Iacobelli, whose Parental Rights in Education Defence Fund is underwriting Hamilton parent Steve Tourloukis' court action against that city's school board. In late 2012 Tourloukis sued to get the board to notify him whenever homosexuality came up so he could prevent his children being indoctrinated with anti-Christian teachings. The suit goes unresolved.

"Three years later and they are still spending taxpayers' money opposing this parent," Iacobelli told LifeSiteNews. "If Wynne meant what she said about the parents' right to opt their children out, they should be calling up Steve and apologizing for the cost, the suffering and the criticism they've caused."

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Are gays 'born that way'? Most Americans now say yes, but science says no

For the first time, a majority of Americans say that homosexuals are "born that way."

According to the latest Gallup poll, 51 percent of Americans say that people are born gay or lesbian, while only 30 percent say outside factors such as upbringing and environment determine sexual orientation.

However, science would not bear that out. No fewer than eight major studies from around the world have found homosexuality is not a genetic condition.

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"The kids are truly traumatized": Parents disappointed after meeting with Wynne about sex-ed curriculum

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne met with some parents at Queen's Park earlier today to talk about the new sex education curriculum.

Wynne rejected their plea to withdraw or even pause the plan even after the mounting objection to it.

One parent noted that "if they want to give our kids a pizza slice, we have to sign a paper" -- yet somehow, parental consent isn't considered as important when the topic is sex education.

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Ontario's sex-ed debate

The Star describes me as an "anti-sex-education monger." I have never been against sex education but I am against this radical curriculum that teaches little children graduate level ideas of gender identity. The bait and switch technique of stating the "Ontario government should debunk misinformation on its new sex education curriculum" and then not addressing fact that "gender identity" is taught 39 times throughout the curriculum, from Grade 1 through 8.

On page 124, the teacher is instructed in paragraph C3.3: "describe how visible differences... and invisible differences... e.g. gender identity... make each person unique."

I hope we can have an accurate, respectful debate where the Star defends the merits of this curriculum teaching little children that they "may or may not be the same (gender) as the person's biological sex" and that there are six genders, not two. If you cannot, please do not lower the discourse to simple name calling.

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PC leadership contender Patrick Brown doubles down on fighting sex-ed as vote nears

In what might be his strongest comments on the topic thus far, PC leadership contender Patrick Brown has affirmed his opposition to Premier Wynne's sex-ed agenda for children, saying that school is a place to teach facts and science while "it's up to families to teach values."

"I think the school system should teach facts, teach science, teach math. And I believe it's up to families to teach values. I think it's up to families," he told parents at a China town community meeting on Monday.

"I think it's up to families and parents to decide what's age appropriate. And that's why I've been critical of this curriculum and despite the fact that I've been criticized for speaking at the rally, despite the fact that my opponent [Christine Elliott] has criticized myself and [former PC leadership contender] Monte McNaughton, I can tell you that I'm not going to change my opinion that this is not the best approach," he said.

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Ontario sex ed: How founded are fears of 'indoctrination'?

Since it was introduced earlier this year, Ontario's new sex ed curriculum has set off a storm of protest, much of it from concerned family and religious groups who say it will undermine the values they hope to instill in their children.

Fears that kids will be indoctrinated into an immoral lifestyle is a recurring theme in the many petitions, criticisms and chat boards aimed at the new teaching plan.

It's "a recipe for launching children into a lifestyle of promiscuity... [that] aims to indoctrinate the next generation," says a lengthy multi-part analysis by the Campaign Life Coalition.

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Parent group to put kids on strike to protest Ontario sex-ed

Some parents are planning to pull their kids out of school for a week in May to protest against the province's new sex-education curriculum.

A Facebook group called "Parents & Students on strike: one week no school," has been sharing flyers online inviting people in Ontario to help stop implementation of the curriculum. Students from elementary to high school are invited to strike against the program as well May 4 to 11.

The new curriculum tackles such issues as masturbation, same-sex relationships, online safety and the perils of sexting, as well as affirmative consent.

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TDSB investigating 'safer kinky sex' pamphlet

Some are making light of it and calling it '50 Shades of Grades.'

Others call it sick and disturbing.

Whatever you call it, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is investigating how a pamphlet instructing a safer way of partaking in bondage, dominance and sadomasochism (BDSM) ended up being handed out to students this week at West End Alternative School on Bloor St. W.

A Toronto mother called it unacceptable and expressed her outrage on Newstalk 1010 Thursday.

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Lesbian teacher: How I convince kids to accept gay 'marriage', starting at 4-years-old

A primary grade lesbian teacher from an Ontario public school revealed in a workshop at a homosexual activist conference for teachers earlier this month how she uses her classroom to convince children as young as four to accept homosexual relationships.

"And I started in Kindergarten. What a great place to start. It was where I was teaching. So, I was the most comfortable there," Pam Strong said at the conference, attended by LifeSiteNews.

The conference, hosted by the homosexual activist organization Jer's Vision, now called the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, focused on the implementation of Bill 13 in Ontario classrooms. Bill 13, called by critics the 'homosexual bill of rights,' passed in June 2012 and gave students the right to form pro-gay clubs in their school, including Catholic ones, using the name Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).

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Stop insulting parents, premier

Unless Premier Kathleen Wynne plans to keep calling four out of 10 Ontarians "homophobic" for objecting to the province's new sex-ed curriculum, it's time for her to stop the name-calling.

Especially in light of a recent Forum Research poll which found the public is split on the controversial curriculum, with 42% in favour, 40% opposed and 17% undecided.

It's not hard to understand why parents from many religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds are opposed to the curriculum and this week are pulling thousands of their children out of classrooms to protest.

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'A source of lasting shame': Crown asks court for 3.5-year sentence in sex-ed architect's child sex case

On the last day of Ben Levin's three-day sentencing hearing for three child pornography-related convictions, Ontario Justice Heather McArthur questioned whether his "knowledge of children" made Levin "more morally blameworthy" than someone without this expertise.

The 63-year-old former deputy minister of education for Manitoba and Ontario and one-time tenured professor at the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) pleaded guilty on March 3, 2015 to making written child pornography, possession of child pornography, and counseling a person to commit a sexual assault.

"He more than most would know how horribly wrong this was," McArthur observed to Levin's lawyer, Clayton Ruby, but "despite his special knowledge, he proceeded."

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Opposition to Wynne's explicit sex ed is growing: poll

Ontario parents battling Kathleen Wynne's explicit sex ed program, slated for roll out in September, are gaining traction, says a prominent polling firm.

Opposition to the Liberals' controversial sex-ed curriculum rose by seven percent among Ontario voters in the last two months, according to a May 1 Forum Research poll.

The Toronto-based market research firm found that of 912 randomly selected Ontario voters, 40 percent disapproved of the sex-ed curriculum, 42 percent approved, and 17 percent were undecided.

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Thousands take to Queen's Park to protest proposed sex ed curriculum

Thousands of people have gathered on the front lawn of the Ontario legislature to protest the Liberal government's proposed sex education curriculum.

The protesters are holding signs calling the revised curriculum irresponsible and complaining parents were not properly consulted on the changes.

Progressive Conservatives MPP's Monte McNaughton and Jack MacLaren were the only two members of the legislature to speak at the protest.

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