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Protect Children

Ontario father pushes for change after his 9-year-old was exposed to porn on a school computer

After parents reported that elementary school students are accessing pornography, racist and obscene material on school computers, a Waterloo Region District School Board trustee has filed a motion to amend the board's religious accommodation policy so parents can request school-based computer filtering.

Trustee Cindy Watson's September 14 motion was motivated by Cambridge father-of-four Jacob Reaume's assertion that, among other incidents, children in Grade 2 had accessed video images on school computers of a couple having sex.

"I'm asking that our religious accommodation policy be amended to include technology and devices," Watson told LifeSiteNews, "so that if a parent wants an accommodation, they're able to say, 'I would like my son or daughter's [school device] with the filtering on it.'"

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'Ridiculous': Toronto schools claim parents have no right to pull kids from gay classes

The Toronto District School Board has confirmed it will not permit students to opt out of any portion of public school curricula that deals with homosexuality or gender identity, stating as its reason that these groups fall under Ontario Human Rights Code protection.

In this, the TDSB follows the lead of the Peel school board, which announced a similar policy concurrent with the Liberal government's September roll out of its controversial sex-ed curriculum in all Ontario's publicly funded schools.

Spokesperson Ryan Bird told LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview that while the TDSB has a "board-wide policy" for parents to "request a religious accommodation when it comes to the sex-ed curriculum," the board "will not be making accommodations for people that are requesting to opt out of portions of the curriculum that have to do with sexual orientation or gender identity."

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Radical Ottawa school board 'transgender' draft policy blasted as 'frightening,' 'totalitarian'

A radical draft policy being proposed for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board would inject "transgender" issues in every aspect of the curriculum, while students suffering gender dysphoria will be allowed to use the bathrooms and changerooms of their preferred gender, no matter their biological sex.

The  district's draft "Gender Identity and Gender Expression Guide to Support Our Students" tells Carleton school district staff and students that they will soon have to distinguish among sexual subgroups such as "androgynous, gender creative, gender independent, gender fluid, gender variant, gender diverse, gender non-conforming, intersex, two-spirit, transgender, transsexual or trans." Students meanwhile, can choose to be referred to by their chosen pronoun, including "they, them, zhe, ze, and hir."

But it's the prospect of "transgender" boys who say they are girls sharing washrooms or changerooms with teenage girls that still triggers the most alarm.

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Sex ed strike cuts Toronto school's attendance in half: parents urged to join province-wide

A student "strike" to protest the Liberal government's sex-ed curriculum that emptied half a Toronto public elementary school the first day of class and captured international media attention will continue throughout September, say organizers, who urge parents across Ontario to do likewise.

About 700 students of Thorncliffe Park Public School - or 50 percent of the student body - stayed away from school Tuesday and assembled instead in a nearby park for what strike organizer Khalid Mahmood of Canadian Families Alliance (CFA) styled the "school in the garden."

The predominately Muslim neighborhood of Thorncliffe Park in Premier Kathleen Wynne's Don Valley West constituency has been a major flashpoint of sex-ed opposition since the Liberals released the curriculum last February for a September roll out in all the province's publicly funded schools.

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Ottawa public schools plan gender-neutral bathrooms for trans students

Putting single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms in some Ottawa schools to accommodate transgendered students is "a sane way of dealing with the insanity," according to American anti-homosexuality activist Peter LaBarbera.

Ottawa's Carleton school district will install the one-stall bathrooms in schools wherever parents request accommodation for children "transitioning" from their real gender to their fantasy one.

Mike Carson, the superintendent of facilities, told CTV News, "We're proud of it. It's work that can be done, that needs to be done and we are trying to keep pace with our communities."

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Ontario Ed. Minister says gvmt will allow schools to force sex-ed on kids

Ontario Minister of Education Liz Sandals has broken a promise made to parents earlier this year when she assured them they maintained the absolute right to withdraw their kids from the updated and controversial sex-ed. She is now saying that individual school boards can take that parental right away if they have a policy in place that allows them to do so.

When asked explicitly by a reporter today if there are portions of the sex-ed that parents will not be allowed to opt out their children from, Sandals replied: "As I said, the individual boards have their policies and the individual boards will make decisions consistent with their particular policies."

Today is the first day of school when many boards begin teaching the updated sex-ed for the first time.

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Explicit sex-ed at Toronto sports camp has parents mad, kids upset and city saying sorry

After parents complained their 12-year-old girls were traumatized by an explicit sex-ed seminar at a girls' sports camp, the City of Toronto says it has dropped the seminars from further camps pending a review.

Toronto media relations manager Wynna Brown also apologized that parents weren't told beforehand about the Toronto Public Health Sexual Health Promotion unit's "healthy relationships" presentation.

But Brown did not explain why - or who in, for that matter - the city's Parks, Forest and Recreation (PFR) department invited a Sexual Health Promoter to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart-sponsored sports camp in the first place.

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Wynne wrong about sex-ed consultation

It would be nice if parents upset about Ontario's new sex-ed curriculum, including those keeping their children out of school, could rely on at least one thing Premier Kathleen Wynne's government is telling them. But they can't.

Wynne said her government consulted widely with parents about the contents of the curriculum. It did not.

We now know, thanks to a freedom of information request made available to the Toronto Sun, that more than half of the 4,000 parents - one from every elementary school - the government says it consulted with via an online survey, never responded to it.

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Ontarians opposed to graphic sex-ed gear up to join multi-city car rally Aug. 1

Parents opposed to the Liberal government's radical sex-ed curriculum are being urged to take part in tomorrow's multi-city car rally.

Organized by the Mississauga-based HOWA Voice of Parents, this will be the fourth car rally held in the Greater Toronto Area in the summer before the sex-ed curriculum rolls out in Ontario's publicly funded schools.

Billed the Awareness Car Rally, the event starts at 11:30 a.m. Cars will meet in the parking lot of Brampton's Gurdwara Dashmesh Darbar, on 4555 Ebenezar Road (Ebenezar Road and Hwy 50. The closest major intersection is Hwy 7 and Hwy 50).

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Ontario school board tells parents they can't 'opt out' of gay lessons

Despite an explicit government promise ensuring that parents can opt their kids out of the controversial sex-ed program beginning in schools next week, the province's second largest school board has declared that parents will not be able to opt their kids out of portions of the course dealing with homosexuality and gender identity.

In a letter submitted to all mainstream media outlets yesterday, Peel Director of Education Tony Pontes was unambiguous that a request from parents to have their children opt-out would not be accommodated.

"Where the work in the classroom is about inclusion-whatever form that inclusion may take-any of the protected grounds in the Human Rights Code-we will not provide religious or any other accommodation," he stated.

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To understand Bill Cosby, start with Alfred C. Kinsey

In a letter to the editor in the July 25 National Post regarding Bill Cosby's alleged sex crimes, Jerry Pryde, of Stoney Creek, Ont., wrote: "It should be noted one of Cosby's accusers claims the deed occurred at the Playboy mansion when she was 15. This raises the question: who allowed a 15-year old girl inside what amounts to little more than a high-end brothel?"

The answer to "who" let the girl into the "high-end brothel" called the Playboy mansion is, figuratively speaking, Hugh Hefner, chief missionary of Playboy magazine. But Mr. Pryde's question is a good one, because it opens the door to speculation on the influences that produced what cultural critic Mary Eberstadt termed "pedophilia chic" - the idea that sex between adults and underage teenagers, or even children, is a victimless crime.

...To understand Bill Cosby, start with Alfred C. Kinsey

Ad blitz will sell Wynne's immoral sex ed agenda: Critics

A TV ad blitz promoting the Liberal government's controversial sex education agenda has drawn the fire of sex-ed opponents, who say Premier Kathleen Wynne is once again using taxpayer money to push a radical agenda that parents don't want.

"This has to be the most unscrupulous, most unethical government in the history of Ontario," says Jack Fonseca, project manager with Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). "Instead of respecting parents, Wynne uses their own money against them, to try drowning out their concerns."

Ontario Ministry of Education spokesman Gary Wheeler had not responded by deadline to LifeSiteNews' question as to how much money the Liberal government is spending on the 30-second television spots, which according to a CTV report, will be released province-wide today "to coincide with the start of the school year."

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New York: Kindergarten teachers should call 'transgender' children by preferred gender

Boys or girls who suffer from gender dysphoria must be allowed to use the bathrooms and change rooms of the opposite sex if they wish to do so, according to new guidance from the New York State Department of Education (NYDE).

The document also clarifies that while schools can make "unisex" facilities available to such students, such facilities "should never be forced upon students, nor presented as the only option." Furthermore, schools should generally accept any student's stated preferred gender without question.

The advice is just one of the more controversial sections of the document, which also urges schools and teachers to call students entering kindergarten by their preferred gender, no matter their biological sex.

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Parents to protest Sept. 2 in ridings across Ontario to repeal radical sex-ed

On Wednesday, September 2nd, Ontario parents will hold protests in 107 ridings across the province demanding that their local MPP work to repeal the Liberal government's radical sex-ed curriculum which is to be implemented this upcoming school year.

"Wynne's total disregard for the concerns of hundreds of thousands of parents is completely unacceptable and if she doesn't want to listen to parents, hopefully the Members of Provincial Parliament who represent them will," said Christina Liu, a mom and President of the Parents Alliance of Ontario. "It's time for the Wynne Liberal government to respect parent's authority as primary educators and to drop its plan to foist this unpopular, age-inappropriate and overly explicit school program on our children," said Jack Fonseca, rally coordinator for Campaign Life Coalition.

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APA Associated Pedophilia With Sexual Orientation but Claims It Was an Error

Did the American Psychiatric Association (APA) change the classification of pedophilia to a "sexual orientation" or did the American Family Association (AFA) make a false accusation to stir up fear among Christians?

As it turns out, neither.

Charisma News originally reported the AFA's shocking revelation that the APA's latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) now classifies pedophilia as a sexual orientation or preference instead of a disorder.

Our investigation into the report and statement reveals that the AFA and its American Family Radio network talk show host Sandy Rios were not fear-mongering. Text associated with the DSM did indeed use the words sexual orientation.

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