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Protect Children

Vancouver school board gender policy allows "xe" or "xem" in place of "he" or "her"

British Columbia teachers have been at war with the province for more than a decade, and are set to walk out on strike just days before the end of the school year.

Normally I would question the wisdom of a strike that takes place over the summer holidays (who's going to notice?) and is related to unreasonable pay demands. But not in this case.  B.C., it is clear, does not view schools as a place in which children are taught the basic tools necessary to navigate life - math, science, geography - but as petri dishes for social experimentation in which teachers are lab technicians with unwitting children as their mice. You couldn't pay me enough to do this stuff.

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It's now legal for men to use women's bathrooms, showers, and dressing facilities - and vice-versa - thanks to the passing of the Equal Rights Ordinance in Houston, TX last Wednesday night.

Mayor Parker, Houston's first openly gay mayor, called it "most personally meaningful thing I will ever do as mayor."

The ordinance's stated goal is to eliminate discrimination in housing and employment for gays, transgenders - 14-characteristics in total - including race, ethnicity, age, religion and disability.

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Heterophobia - You won't believe what LGBTQP members did to school parents

Several parents gathered to protested a new pro-homosexual "sexual diversity" curriculum in their childrens schools. While the parents were trying to protect their innocent children from being force fed homosexual propaganda they came under attack. 

According to the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians, which documents anti-Christian incidents in Europe, the hostile homosexual activists advanced and started hurling feces at the parents and started destroying their property.

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Toronto school board web link offers kinky sex advice

TORONTO - An astounding link on the Toronto District School Board website which entices children to experiment sexually with vegetables has a Christian group calling for a criminal investigation.

It has a lot of others vexed, perplexed and scratching their heads. Who is behind the school board’s curtain pulling these curious strings?

...Toronto school board web link offers kinky sex advice

Gordon Stuckless to plead guilty to 103 charges: Lawyer

Notorious Maple Leaf Gardens pedophile Gordon Stuckless will plead guilty to 103 charges next week, his lawyer says.

Ari Goldkind confirmed to the Toronto Sun Monday night that Stuckless will enter the pleas next Tuesday at Old City Hall courthouse. The move means that 15 victims will be spared having to go through the lengthy court process, he said.

"It makes no sense to put these men through the wringer," Goldkind said. "Mr. Stuckless has always been remorseful for what he’s done."

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Ontario to introduce more explicit sex education in schools

The days of euphemisms and innuendo in Ontario's classrooms are numbered, with the province set to roll out a new sex education curriculum next fall built on clear and explicit language that has raised objections from conservative parent groups.

The revision, outlined in 208 pages that were quietly posted on the Ministry of Education's website

...Ontario to introduce more explicit sex education in schools

Child sex offender William Shorten arrested again

TORONTO - A longtime child sex offender, living in Toronto, is once again in police custody accused of committing an indecent act involving a 12-year-old girl.

Toronto Police arrested William Shorten, 47, on Tuesday following an incident that took place on Friday in the childrens' section of the Indigo book store on Yonge St., near Eglinton Ave.

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New Brunswick abortion industry alarmed by almost half of legislature attending March for Life

Almost half of New Brunswick's legislative assembly - 24 out of 55 MLAs - rallied at the province's annual March for Life last Thursday to defy national pressure exerted by the abortion lobby to begin funding the abortion in private clinics.

The abortion lobby called the head count an "alarming number to be sure." They responded by organizing a twitter campaign targeting the legislative members who came out publicly to support the pro-life marchers. It began today.

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Canadian government proposes to crack down on child sex predators

Ottawa - A new bill would increase minimum and maximum sentences for child sex offenders as well as create a public database of high-risk offenders who have been released back into the community.

Bill C-26, known as the Tougher Penalties for Child Predators Act, was introduced in the House of Commons yesterday by Justice Minister Peter MacKay. The proposed legislation contains nine changes to Canada's criminal justice system in order to crackdown on pedophiles.

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Admitted pedophile has been far too lucky in court

This pedophile has been far too lucky in this court.

Frank Cunningham, a twice-convicted, registered sex offender, is scheduled to have his bail hearing here Wednesday on charges he's used Craigslist and other online sites to befriend single parents so he could sexually abuse their young children.

The 33-year-old returns to the same courthouse where the self-admitted pedophile has already been given two generous chances to change his ways.

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Putin to gay activists: 'Leave our children in peace'

SOCHI, RUSSIA - Russia is not "going after" gays, President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, defending a ban on "propaganda of homosexuality" that has brought criticism from the West ahead of the Winter Olympics.

The Kremlin hopes the games, starting on Feb. 7 in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea, will showcase Russia's modern face more than two decades after the Soviet Union collapsed.

Putin has identified himself closely with the $50-billion event.

But Russia last year upset the West and human rights activists by banning what it called the promotion of homosexuality among minors. Calls for a mass boycott of the games have failed, but the row has clouded the build-up to the event.

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'We created demand for abortion by pushing sex ed on kids': former abortion clinic owner

"How do you sell an abortion? In the US it's very simple: You do it through sex education," former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett told participants at the Rose Dinner following the National March for Life on Thursday in Ottawa.

Everett, who ran a chain of four abortion clinics in Texas from 1977-1983 - where an estimated 35,000 unborn children were aborted before her dramatic conversion and departure from the industry - told about 430 participants at the dinner that she had a goal of becoming a millionaire by selling abortions to teenage girls.

"We had a goal of 3-5 abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 18, because we all work on a straight commission inside the abortion industry," she said. With every customer, Everett became a little richer.

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Health Canada apologizes for blundering over existence of RU-486 application

OTTAWA, January 9, 2014 ( - Health Canada has apologized to a parliamentary health committee for giving it misinformation in a November meeting that no application to approve the controversial abortion drug RU-486 (Mifepristone) existed.

"Since my appearance, it has come to my attention that I did not have the correct information", stated Health Canada's Deputy Minister George Da Pont to Ben Lobb, chair on the Standing Committee on Health in a January 08 letter obtained by

Da Pont had told the health committee in the November 25 meeting that there was no pending application to have RU-486 approved in Canada - on the very same day that the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) published an article stating that such an application existed.

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New paper exposes hidden agenda of the Sex Ed Establishment

Reporters called one program "x-rated." Another was dubbed "kindergarten sex ed." A World Health Organization version led to a spectacular defeat in the European Parliament. UN delegates reject it as an assault on their culture.

Comprehensive sexuality education often goes unchallenged - until people discover what it teaches. Now a new paper explains the politics behind the curricula and why so many people are upset.

A team of experts led by Professor Jokin de Irala found the self-described "evidence-based" comprehensive sexuality education to be riddled with ideology and opinions masquerading as facts. And outright disrespect for parents, with one program declaring sexual autonomy an "entitlement" that "strengthens the individual against intrusions by the family or society."

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Apple approves homosexual meetup app for users as young as 12

CUPERTINO, CA, December 16, 2013 ( - "If you’re gay and new to an area, how do you find out where gay people hang out?"  That, according to the creators of a newly-approved app for Apple's iOS-based phones and tablets, is the "overly simplistic description" of the "problem" they sought to solve with - billed as "the only gay social app approved by the iTunes store for 12-year-olds and older."

Describing itself as "Grindr meets Foursquare," tracks users' locations via GPS and lets them search for other users who share their interests and may be near enough for a face-to-face meeting at a restaurant or other venue.  While previous homosexual dating apps like Grindr and Manhunt have been exclusively 18+ due to their focus on facilitating anonymous sexual encounters, managed to win approval for users 12 and up by advertising itself as the "LGBT app that you can bring home to Mom."

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