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Freedom of Speech

Quebec Opposition"s new bill would ban free speech outside every abortion facility

The opposition Parti Quebecois plans to introduce a private bill in the Quebec National Assembly to put free speech exclusion zones around the province's 47 abortion clinics, ostensibly to protect the staff and patrons from violence.

"Their arguments are very weak," Georges Buscemi of Campagne Quebec-Vie told LifeSiteNews. "But they are tapping into an almost religious view of abortion clinics as places of worship."

The Parti Quebecois's plan was leaked yesterday by La Presse columnist and abortion apologist Marie-Claude Malboeuf, who quoted the bill's sponsor, MNA Carole Poirier, saying, "One cannot help but be moved by the [patients' need for] accessibility to the clinics, safety issues and privacy concerns."

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Ontario city reverses course: agrees to show pro-life bus ads after initially refusing

On the eve of a constitutional challenge in court, the City of Peterborough has agreed to run pro-life ads on its buses from the Canadian Centre  for Bioethical Reform, in what could set the pattern for other cities which have likewise rejected the ads.

On Tuesday, the CCBR will appear in court to seek a judicial declaration that the city was violating its Charter rights to speech and expression.

"The City of Peterborough violated our Charter Rights pure and simple," said CCBR's law director Nicholas McLeod. He told LifeSiteNews the CCBR applied to 12 municipal transit authorities to run the ads, which show three circles containing images of unborn babies at seven weeks and 16 weeks over the words, "growing, growing" and finally just a field of red containing the word "Gone."

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Pro-life bench trashed again

Peterborough Pro-Life's bench-ad on Water Street just south of Trent University and across from Tim Hortons was trashed on Tuesday night, December 8. This is the third time this bench has been vandalized. The first time, the vandals spray-painted the contact telephone number for the help line. The second time, the culprits gouged out the eyes of the baby in the picture.  This latest attack left the message on the sign blacked out by the words "Pro choice'. Some words were also painted over leaving the statement, "Take my Life". Vandalism is itself a crime but I wonder if this might even be considered a hate crime.

The bench is directed toward women who are contemplating abortion to end the life of their unborn little one. Featured is the picture of a young baby with its hand extended toward a caption: "Take my hand not my life". The sign also provides a national '800' number answered by the Crisis Pregnancy Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They can help the mother to find emergency support facilities in the municipality from where she is calling.

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Appeasing the Islamists in Quebec

Islamism proved a growing threat to Western nations in 2015. But while massacres rivet our attention, they constitute only the most flamboyant tactics in the jihadists' triumphalist program, which calls for the infiltration of our institutions and the eventual domination of our culture.

That can't happen so long as we exercise our freedom of speech to denounce Islamism and shame those who support it. Which is why Islamists invented the myth of Islamophobia in Western countries to justify their call for a tightening of the noose on this precious freedom. They certainly can't do it alone, but they have "useful idiots," as Vladimir Lenin used to call Western supporters of communism, to help them by furthering the absurd notion that criticism of Islam - a belief system like any other - is a form of defamation, which in our jurisprudence is speech that can only harm an individual.

One of these useful idiots, Jacques Fremont, president of the Quebec Human Rights Commission (QHRC) and president-elect of the University of Ottawa, is the father of Quebec's Bill 59, which will give offended individuals the power to have writers they perceive to have criticized Islam censored and punished by onerous fines. This dreadful initiative marks a Canadian watershed in Islamist appeasement, but attention paid to it in English Canada has been shamefully sparse.

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Gabriele Kuby's The Global Sexual Revolution: a must-read book in defence of the family

Published this week is the first English translation of The Global Sexual Revolution: the Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, which details and dissects the insidious and totalitarian promotion by cultural elites and governments of sexual perversity and the destruction of the traditional Christian family. The author is Gabriele Kuby, a sociologist and adult convert to Christianity whom Pope Benedict XVI described as "a brave warrior against ideologies that ultimately result in the destruction of man."

Benedict's comment (found in the preface to the original edition published in German and translated in the new version) reminds us chillingly how far those ideologies have advanced - to the very doors of the Vatican - in a short time since his resignation.

Kuby's grand and magisterial sweep of a book does not need an update, but the new edition does provide a survey of cases in Europe and the U.S. of government enforcement of the new sexual ideology with fines, threats, and actual imprisonments of Christian holdouts.

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