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Ontario gvmt to parents: Kids will see porn in our schools, so be glad for sex ed

Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals says the sex-ed curriculum is the solution to children as young as age six accessing explicit pornography while at school - a response that has pro-family advocates fuming and denouncing the minister as self-serving and deceitful.

The latest of an increasing number of reports of Ontario's children being exposed to sexual images on school computers or on their own devices while at school, an Ottawa couple told the media their six-year-old son saw a video of explicit lesbian sex on a school computer.

Sandals responded by telling reporters that the sex ed curriculum helps children deal with such images, according to National Post's Ashley Csanady.

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Ont. man planned threesome camping trip with nine-year-old girl

Parents looking for a reason to monitor their child's online activities should know about Daniel Labutte.

On Monday, Labutte, 27, originally from Mississauga, pleaded guilty to three sex-related charges -- possession of child porn, transmitting sexually explicit materials to a minor and communicating with a minor for a sexual purpose.

At the centre of the case is a nine-year-old London girl who posted a profile on the dating site Plenty of Fish and ended up catching the attention of Labutte and his girlfriend. They began talking to the girl online, had sex in front of a web camera for the girl to watch and started a plan to go camping with her so they could have sex together.

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Ottawa 'sexsomniac' not criminally responsible for sex assault on daughter because he was sleepwalking

An Ottawa man on trial for sexually assaulting his seven-year-old daughter was found not criminally responsible on Tuesday after a judge ruled he was in a state of automatism while sleepwalking.

Diagnosed with "sexsomnia," or sleep sex, the man was accused of crawling into bed with his young daughter in December, 2010, after his wife kicked him out of bed after a night of drinking. He then allegedly removed his daughter's underwear and held her down as he touched her. He allegedly pushed the Grade 3 student off the bed when she tried to fight him off.

Dr. Colin Shapiro, a sleep expert, testified at trial that the man was likely asleep when the assault took place, suffering from parasomnia, a type of sleep disorder that can include sleep eating, sleep walking and sleep sex, that he said can be triggered by alcohol consumption.

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To understand Bill Cosby, start with Alfred C. Kinsey

In a letter to the editor in the July 25 National Post regarding Bill Cosby's alleged sex crimes, Jerry Pryde, of Stoney Creek, Ont., wrote: "It should be noted one of Cosby's accusers claims the deed occurred at the Playboy mansion when she was 15. This raises the question: who allowed a 15-year old girl inside what amounts to little more than a high-end brothel?"

The answer to "who" let the girl into the "high-end brothel" called the Playboy mansion is, figuratively speaking, Hugh Hefner, chief missionary of Playboy magazine. But Mr. Pryde's question is a good one, because it opens the door to speculation on the influences that produced what cultural critic Mary Eberstadt termed "pedophilia chic" - the idea that sex between adults and underage teenagers, or even children, is a victimless crime.

...To understand Bill Cosby, start with Alfred C. Kinsey

Nova Scotia man accused of luring six girls online

A 29-year-old Nova Scotia man - a repeat sexual offender - has been charged with Internet luring after he allegedly contacted six girls and arranged to meet them, RCMP said.

Mounties launched the investigation when the father of two daughters, aged 10 and 12, told officers the accused allegedly contacted her children on social media.

Officers investigated and identified an additional two victims who had been chatting with the accused, RCMP said.

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