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UK internet company will automatically install anti-porn filter for 5.3 million customers

One of the UK's largest internet providers is proving it is serious about it's commitment to online safety, especially for children, by making its network-level content filtering software "on" by default, leaving it up to the customer to have to actively turn it off if they choose.

"We're all aware that cyberspace can present security risks, and that the internet isn't universally suitable for children," said Lyssa McGowan, brand director for communications products at Sky Broadcasting Group Plc, in a press release.

"And at Sky, when it comes to online safety for all, we take our responsibility very seriously and we want what is best for our customers," McGowan said.

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A monster walks among us

Described as Canada's most notorious pedophile, James Alfred Cooper, 79, walks among us today. Somewhere in Toronto.

Police are so concerned he will re-offend, they took the rare step last week of identifying him and releasing his picture.

Looking at Cooper's criminal record, as revealed by Toronto Sun columnist Michele Mandel and police reporter Chris Doucette, it's not hard to see why the police are concerned.

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Conservatives propose increasing legal marriage age to 16, say it will keep 'barbaric cultural practices' out of Canada

The government is proposing to set 16 as the national age of marriage in legislation introduced in the House of Commons on Wednesday that it says will help keep "barbaric cultural practices" out of Canada.

The bill tabled by Chris Alexander, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, targets early forced marriages as well as polygamy, which the legislation would make grounds for deportation.

The "Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act" would make it a criminal offence to participate in or officiate the marriage of an underage child. Removing a child from Canada for the purposes of forced marriage would also be criminalized.

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Teacher who played 'kissing game' with students suspended

The B.C. Commissioner for Teacher Regulation has suspended a Vancouver-area teacher who's been disciplined several times for inappropriate behaviour - including playing a Valentine's "kissing game" with students.

Between 2008 and 2010, Chung Yuk Ma - then a teacher at Vancouver's Dr. George M. Weir Elementary School - received three short suspensions, issued for inappropriate physical actions, teaching Grade 3 students a Lady Gaga song with sexually suggestive content and playing a "kissing game" with children, according to the decision.

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Dad found man sexually assaulting daughter, 4

A man who snuck into an unlocked home, abducted a four-year-old girl from her bed and sexually assaulted her on Boxing Day 2011, was found guilty of all charges Thursday.

Ryan Belbin - who had no prior criminal convictions - snatched the sleeping girl at 3 a.m., stripped her naked and was "hunkering over" the child in a North York backyard when the panicked victim's father discovered the horrifying sight, Justice Nola Garton said in a written judgment.

Belbin, 30, will be sentenced for breaking and entering, abduction of a minor, sexual assault and sexual interference on Nov. 27.

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