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Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated, it said." Five months later, not only has little been done to combat this scourge, but it has grown exponentially worse: hundreds of new cases have been discovered... READ MORE

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Ontario teacher accused of 36 sex crimes, making pornography involving youths aged 12 to 15 http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/2103-ontario-teacher-accused-of-36-sex-crimes-making-pornography-involving-youths-aged-12-to-15 http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/2103-ontario-teacher-accused-of-36-sex-crimes-making-pornography-involving-youths-aged-12-to-15

A woman accused of 36 sex crimes involving minors is a teacher, police have revealed.

Jaclyn Lindsay McLaren, also known as Jaclyn (Jackie) Jones, 36, of Stirling, Ont., is free on a $100,000 bond and strict conditions after her bail hearing Friday in Belleville court.

Ontario Provincial Police then announced she was facing several more charges - and employed as a teacher with the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board, based in Belleville, Ont.

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Pediatrician gets 18 months for sex assaults on two patients http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/2099-pediatrician-gets-18-months-for-sex-assaults-on-two-patients http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/2099-pediatrician-gets-18-months-for-sex-assaults-on-two-patients

An elderly pediatrician who sexually assaulted two young girls in separate attacks decades apart was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months in jail.

Dr. Arturo Sanchez, 81, "was in a position of trust" as the victims' doctor and his assaults "had a considerable impact," Judge Nancy Backhouse said.

"In the first victim's case, the assaults were persistent and lengthy, planned and deliberate," said Backhouse, who found him guilty last December of three charges involving two victims. One girl was assaulted in the mid-1960s and another was 11 years old in 1980 when he touched her breasts at her home while administering an allergy shot.

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Ont. man planned threesome camping trip with nine-year-old girl http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/2048-ont-man-planned-threesome-camping-trip-with-nine-year-old-girl http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/2048-ont-man-planned-threesome-camping-trip-with-nine-year-old-girl

Parents looking for a reason to monitor their child's online activities should know about Daniel Labutte.

On Monday, Labutte, 27, originally from Mississauga, pleaded guilty to three sex-related charges -- possession of child porn, transmitting sexually explicit materials to a minor and communicating with a minor for a sexual purpose.

At the centre of the case is a nine-year-old London girl who posted a profile on the dating site Plenty of Fish and ended up catching the attention of Labutte and his girlfriend. They began talking to the girl online, had sex in front of a web camera for the girl to watch and started a plan to go camping with her so they could have sex together.

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Orillia woman pleads guilty in child sex abuse case http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/1337-orillia-woman-pleads-guilty-in-child-sex-abuse-case http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/1337-orillia-woman-pleads-guilty-in-child-sex-abuse-case

One of the women involved with a slew of shocking sex offences involving children and animals pleaded guilty in Barrie court Thursday.

Kathryn Thompson, who turns 21 on Friday, pleaded guilty to 11 counts including conspiring with former boyfriend Shayne Lund to drug and sexually assault children, committing bestiality on a dog, and creating and possessing child pornography.

Standing in front of the court, Thompson broke down weeping as she repeated "guilty" to each count.

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Admitted pedophile has been far too lucky in court http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/944-admitted-pedophile-has-been-far-too-lucky-in-court http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/944-admitted-pedophile-has-been-far-too-lucky-in-court

This pedophile has been far too lucky in this court.

Frank Cunningham, a twice-convicted, registered sex offender, is scheduled to have his bail hearing here Wednesday on charges he's used Craigslist and other online sites to befriend single parents so he could sexually abuse their young children.

The 33-year-old returns to the same courthouse where the self-admitted pedophile has already been given two generous chances to change his ways.

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Child porn victim seeking $3.4M from the thousands of 'sick' men who have viewed pictures of her abuse http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/811-child-porn-victim-seeking-3-4m-from-the-thousands-of-sick-men-who-have-viewed-pictures-of-her-abuse http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/protect-our-children/811-child-porn-victim-seeking-3-4m-from-the-thousands-of-sick-men-who-have-viewed-pictures-of-her-abuse

The notices arrive almost every day. They tell a young woman named Amy, as she is called in court papers, that someone has been charged with possessing child pornography. She was the child.

"It is hard to describe what it feels like to know that at any moment, anywhere, someone is looking at pictures of me as a little girl being abused by my uncle and is getting some kind of sick enjoyment from it," Amy, then 19, wrote in a 2008 victim impact statement. "It's like I am being abused over and over and over again."

Next month, the Supreme Court will consider what the men who took pleasure from viewing Amy's abuse must pay her.

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Nearly 400 children rescued and 348 adults arrested in Canadian child pornography bust http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/2395-nearly-400-children-rescued-and-348-adults-arrested-in-canadian-child-pornography-bust http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/2395-nearly-400-children-rescued-and-348-adults-arrested-in-canadian-child-pornography-bust

Nearly 400 children have been rescued and 348 adults arrested following an expansive and "extraordinary" international child pornography investigation, Canadian police announced Thursday.

The three-year project, named Project Spade, began when undercover officers with the Toronto Police Service Child Exploitation service made contact with a Toronto man allegedly sharing "very graphic images" of child sexual abuse in Oct. 2010, Toronto Police Service Chief William Blair said at a press conference on Thursday.

Police said their investigation revealed an entire child movie production and distribution company in Toronto operating via the web site azovfilms.com.

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Veteran Peel cop faces child-porn charges http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1814-veteran-peel-cop-faces-child-porn-charges http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1814-veteran-peel-cop-faces-child-porn-charges

A 30-year veteran of the Peel Region police force is under arrest and facing charges related to child pornography.

Det. Craig Wattier was arrested Wednesday morning by the force's Internal Affairs Bureau and charged with both accessing and possessing child porn, breach of trust and two counts of fraud over $5,000.

Wattier -- a supervisor with the force's technological crime unit -- remains in custody pending a bail hearing Thursday in Brampton.

Police chief Jennifer Evans says an Internal Affairs investigation began in April after the force received an unspecified complaint.

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Former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle to plead guilty to child porn charges http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1810-former-subway-pitchman-jared-fogle-to-plead-guilty-to-child-porn-charges http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1810-former-subway-pitchman-jared-fogle-to-plead-guilty-to-child-porn-charges

Former Subway sandwich chain pitchman Jared Fogle is expected to plead guilty to charges of possessing child pornography, Indianapolis TV station Fox59 reported on Tuesday.

Fogle will accept a plea deal, the station reported, citing unidentified sources. The U.S. Attorney's Office will hold a news conference on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the deal and charges against Fogle, the station said.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Indianapolis declined to comment and Fogle's attorney could not immediately be reached. A spokeswoman for the FBI in Indianapolis also declined to comment.

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ken@word.ca (k b) BCP Wed, 19 Aug 2015 17:46:14 +0000
FBI raids home of 'Subway Guy' Jared Fogle http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1728-fbi-raids-home-of-subway-guy-jared-fogle http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1728-fbi-raids-home-of-subway-guy-jared-fogle

The FBI and state police have raided the Indiana home of Subway restaurants spokesperson Jared Fogle, famous for shedding more than 200 pounds of weight by eating Subway sandwiches.

Local NBC and Fox affiliates report the raid was in connection with a child pornography investigation.

The raid took place at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday at Fogle's home in Zionsville, a half-hour drive outside Indianapolis. Investigators have reportedly removed electronics from the property, the Associated Press reports.

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Fourth child-porn arrest in 10 years for elderly Montreal man http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1618-fourth-child-porn-arrest-in-10-years-for-elderly-montreal-man http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1618-fourth-child-porn-arrest-in-10-years-for-elderly-montreal-man

A 72-year-old city man is in police custody for the fourth time in the last decade on child-porn charges.

Victor Dube was arrested May 7 after an investigation by the Montreal police's child sexual exploitation and major crimes units, The Montreal Gazette reported.

According to police, his computer contained "thousands of photos and videos containing child pornography."

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Selfies growing in sick world of child porn http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1598-selfies-growing-in-sick-world-of-child-porn http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1598-selfies-growing-in-sick-world-of-child-porn

When officers went to a home in York Region on a tip involving sexually explicit images of a child, they expected to find a perpetrator.

Instead, they found a victim.

"Investigation revealed it was a young person who had uploaded the two images of child pornography," York Regional Police Insp. Tim Kelly told a news conference Wednesday. The young person said "they had been chatting, sending and receiving child pornography with unknown people throughout the world via a popular social networking website and private chatrooms."

It was determined the young person had been "coerced into providing self-exploitive images to the unknown people online," Kelly said.

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Child porn investigation that started in Ontario eventually spanned 17 countries and led to 41 arrests, police say http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1595-child-porn-investigation-that-started-in-ontario-eventually-spanned-17-countries-and-led-to-41-arrests-police-say http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1595-child-porn-investigation-that-started-in-ontario-eventually-spanned-17-countries-and-led-to-41-arrests-police-say

Police in Ontario say a year-long international effort to bust child pornographers has led to dozens of arrests around the world.

York Regional Police on Wednesday revealed details of the operation, which eventually included the RCMP, Interpol, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FBI, and others. The investigation resulted in 41 arrests in 17 different countries over 100 criminal charges; 19 victims of child pornography have also been identified.

Investigators with the the police force's Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit launched Project Hydra in April 2014 after getting a tip about child pornography being uploaded from an address in York Region, where police "learned that it was a young person who had uploaded the images," according to a police release.

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School board employee charged with child porn http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1550-school-board-employee-charged-with-child-porn http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1550-school-board-employee-charged-with-child-porn

A tip from Google to the RCMP's National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre led to a raid and charges against an Ottawa public school board employee.

Ottawa police's Internet Child Exploitation Unit received information from the RCMP in February and launched an investigation. It culminated in a search of a west-end home in the Hunt Club and Woodroffe area Tuesday.

Cops seized computers for forensic analysis and arrested David McCrindle, 38. He's charged with two counts of possessing child pornography and one count of sharing it.

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University prof jailed for child luring http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1503-university-prof-jailed-for-child-luring http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1503-university-prof-jailed-for-child-luring

The Craigslist ad said he was "looking for youth" and wanted "a young buck."

The author was a Western University professor.

Graham Wagner, 61, was tenured and taught in the physiology and pharmacology department at the London, Ont. university. He had been teaching for more than 30 years.

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Ben Levin investigation spanned two continents, Sun learns http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1435-ben-levin-investigation-spanned-two-continents-sun-learns http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1435-ben-levin-investigation-spanned-two-continents-sun-learns

A former provincial deputy education minister who served on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's transition team was being investigated by officers on two continents over child sexual abuse, the Toronto Sun has learned.

Benjamin Levin, 63, is expected to plead guilty Tuesday in a Toronto courtroom to counselling to commit a sexual assault, possession of child pornography and making child pornography.

Levin was being investigated by officers on two continents for discussing the topic of child sexual abuse, according to sources.

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Second woman pleads guilty in Orillia child porn case http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1406-second-woman-pleads-guilty-in-orillia-child-porn-case http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1406-second-woman-pleads-guilty-in-orillia-child-porn-case

An Orillia woman who made repeated plans to "kidnap, drug and rape" a random child from a playground made an unexpected guilty plea in court Wednesday.

Avery Taylor, 21, stood in the prisoner's box weeping and red-faced, as she whispered the word "guilty" 10 times to 10 separate counts that could have her sentenced as a dangerous offender.

The charges include conspiring to kidnap a child, conspiring to drug children, making child pornography and sexually assaulting a child.

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ken@word.ca (k b) BCP Thu, 19 Feb 2015 16:05:37 +0000
Mountie faces child porn charges http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1252-mountie-faces-child-porn-charges http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1252-mountie-faces-child-porn-charges

An RCMP officer who faces child pornography charges was released from custody on $5,000 bail Monday.

Const. Michael Gavin Thomander, 39, of Barrie - a member of the RCMP posted in the Greater Toronto Area - has been charged with two counts of possession of child pornography, one count of accessing child pornography and one count of making available child pornography.

Thomander sat in the prisoner's box in handcuffs as the Crown read out allegations against him.

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ken@word.ca (k b) BCP Tue, 13 Jan 2015 15:36:19 +0000
Sask. RCMP constable faces child pornography charges http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1211-sask-rcmp-constable-faces-child-pornography-charges http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1211-sask-rcmp-constable-faces-child-pornography-charges

An RCMP constable in Saskatchewan has been charged with several counts of accessing and possessing child pornography.

Saskatchewan RCMP say the 31-year-old was arrested on Monday, but had been suspended with pay since Oct. 17 after an investigation was launched and numerous computer devices were seized.

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Accused in high-profile child porn case in Halifax pleads guilty http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1135-accused-in-high-profile-child-porn-case-in-halifax-pleads-guilty http://canadiantimes.ca/ct2/index.php/canadian-values/bcp2/1135-accused-in-high-profile-child-porn-case-in-halifax-pleads-guilty

A young man from the Halifax region has pleaded guilty to one count of distributing child pornography in a high-profile case.

The 19-year-old cannot be identified because he was a minor at the time of the offence in the fall of 2011. The victim's name is also protected.

The man admits to sending an image to two girls. From there, it was shared numerous times.

The victim's father has said the photo led to the girl's suicide.

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