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Canadian Values

Charles McVety leads charge on Liberals' "politicized" summer jobs grant: "We will never stop fighting"

The rules have changed with respect to the Canada Summer Jobs Program. Employers must sign a document saying they support "women's reproductive rights."

Failing to do so means disqualification from the program, and many religious leaders such as Dr. Charles McVety of Canada Christian College, are not happy.

Watch as I discuss the issue with Dr. McVety, who is leading the charge against a grant requirement provision that many view as unconstitutional.

It seems our virtue-signalling government in Ottawa is committed to dividing Canadians and creating controversy where acrimony never existed before.

But the Trudeau Liberals do have a fight on their hands. And it's a fight that might very well go all the way to the Supreme Court.

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Trudeau scolds pro-lifers as 'not in line' with society

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau let Canadian Pro-lifers know exactly where they stand.

Justin Trudeau says, "An organization that has the explicit purpose of restricting women's rights by removing rights to abortion . . . is not in line with where we are as a government and quite frankly where we are as a society."

Apparently, Trudeau's Canada does not include Christians.

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Khadr award a 'real head scratcher': Soldier who lost eye in deadly firefight

It's like Omar Khadr hit the jackpot for killing Sgt. Christopher Speer -- a giant $10.5-million lotto win financed by Canadian taxpayers.

"It's a real head scratcher, let me tell you," said retired sergeant Layne Morris, who was not only there when Speer died in Afghanistan in 2002 but lost an eye in the firefight.

"Typically, criminals pay for their crimes but this time we are paying the criminal for his crimes," added the former American soldier. "It’s kind of ass backwards you have to admit."

It's blood money. For the Trudeau government, it's a deal with the Devil.

Only in Canada could a combatant who fought against us, was convicted of killing one of our close ally’s soldiers and served eight-years in Guantanamo Bay be awarded an outrageous $10.5-million -- and also receive an apology.

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Canada abstains as UN General Assembly backs resolution to nullify U.S. move on Jerusalem

A controversial UN resolution against President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital has passed 128-9, with Canada among 35 countries that abstained from voting.

Before the UN General Assembly voted Thursday, Trump had threatened to punish any country that opposed him.

The assembled voted in favour of declaring "null and void" the U.S.'s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Voting with the U.S. were Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Togo.

Thursday's vote in New York City was significantly lower than its supporters had hoped for, with many forecasting at least 150 "yes" votes out of the 193 member states.

Twenty-one countries didn't vote at all.

Canadian Baby Issued Gender-Free Health Card; Franklin Graham Calls It 'Nonsense'

A baby in Canada was given a health card without a gender designation, supposedly making it the world's first gender-free baby. U.S. evangelist Franklin Graham has denounced as "nonsense" the parent's argument that it's a human rights violation to assign a sex to the child.

"This Canadian parent believes that assigning a child's sex at birth is a human rights violation — and they wanted their baby to be registered as 'gender unknown' so they can decide their own sex. That's nonsense," Graham wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

The story concerns Searyl Atli Doty, born in British Columbia, who is now 8 months old. Campaign group Gender Free I.D. Coalition, whose goal is to "remove all gender/sex designations from identity documents," said that the child was born "outside of the medical system" and did not undergo a genital inspection at birth.

Searyl's parent, Kori Doty who is a "non-binary genderqueer trans person," insisted that the child does not need to be assigned a gender.

"It is up to Searyl to decide how they identify, when they are old enough to develop their own gender identity," Doty said in a statement. "I am not going to foreclose their choices based on an arbitrary assignment of gender at birth based on an inspection of their genitals."

Doty further argued that assigning a gender at birth "is a violation of a child's human rights to freely express their gender identity," according to CBC.

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Toronto police probe 'anti-Semitic' music video played at Al Quds Day rally

Toronto police are investigating a video that shows music being played at this summer's Al Quds Day rally at Queen's Park that calls for Jews to be stabbed, attacked and beheaded.

The video shows signs scattered on ground, men in reflective vests standing and walking around the grounds and, in the background, a song plays glorifying violence against Jews.

The translated lyrics to the song, Declare It A Popular Revolution, in part say "With a Palestinian woman (armed with a knife) we defeated them" ... "fill (the bottle) to the top with gasoline, and snatch from him the M-16" ... "stab whoever you see, five, six, ten, twelve."

"Declare a popular revolution," the lyrics continue... "Make us happy with bombing the bus" and then "cut off (their heads), stab (them), run over (them), launch an attack on them."

Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash confirmed "officers met with the complainants yesterday (Tuesday) and now the matter will be investigated."

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Trudeau devalues the meaning of citizenship

A self-proclaimed follower of Islamic State pledged her allegiance to the terrorist army in a Toronto courtroom Monday.

It was the second time Rehab Dughmosh told a Canadian courtroom she’s loyal to ISIS, not Canada.

She's charged with seven offences related to assault, weapons and uttering a death threat, but not with any terrorism crimes.

The 32-year-old woman, believed to be from Syria, was charged by police after witnesses said she attacked people at a Canadian Tire with a golf club and then a long knife.

In court, Dughmosh covered her face with a niqab and spoke in Arabic.

She said she "meant to harm those people" (one employee was hurt but no one was killed) and if released would do it "again and again."

Dughmosh says she doesn’t recognize or accept Canadian law.

"I reject all counsel here," Dughmosh said, according to Global TV.

"I only believe in Islamic Sharia law. I would like to revoke my Canadian citizenship that I received. I don’t want to have any allegiance to you," she told the court through an interpreter.

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Trudeau rewards a terrorist with citizenship

Zakaria Amara is a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder scores of Canadians. And now, thanks to a Trudeau government bill passed through the Senate this week, Amara will soon be given the privilege of Canadian citizenship.

After all, a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, right?

In the case of Amara, this "Canadian" was born in Jordan and raised in Saudi Arabia.

He came to Canada as a teenager, became a Canadian citizen as a young man, and, by the time he turned 20, he was behind bars and charged with terrorism.

Amara was the ringleader of a sophisticated terrorist cell known as the Toronto 18. He recruited, trained and groomed fellow Islamist extremists and worked towards a deadly terrorist plot.

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Canadians could be jailed for rejecting transgender pronouns

Canadian conservative commentator Mark Steyn told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that Canada’s new transgender rights law is simply an "Orwellian assault on the most fundamental language, the language which defines the two sexes."

"Misgendering someone will risk you being embroiled either at a Human Rights Commission or in a Criminal Court. And this isn’t a hypothetical," said Steyn in a June 20 interview with Carlson. 

Critics warn that Canadians who refuse to call individuals by their preferred pronoun, including "ze, zir, hir," will now, under the new law, be charged with hate crimes, fined, jailed, and/or compelled to undergo anti-bias training.

Steyn said the new law will only further encourage individuals who identify as transgendered to bring lawsuits against individuals and businesses whom they suspect of discriminating against them.

And it has been happening already, he said. 

Steyn gave the example of a female-only fitness club owner who was sued by a biological male claiming to be a female a few years ago after the biological male said the owner was discriminated against him for refusing his membership application. 

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Poor Patrick Brown Falling Like a Stone

Poor Patrick Brown Falling Like a Stone

Approval Rating Worse Than Richard Nixon When Impeached.

Kathleen Wynne's approval rating is horrifically low at just 16% but Patrick is now close behind at just 21%. Even Richard Nixon had 24% support at the time he was impeached. Patrick has alienated so many Conservatives with his liberal policies you can't tell where he stops and Kathleen begins., He has lost the lead he inherited and now the Liberals and Conservatives are virtually tied, within the margin of error. Most Ontario citizens do not even recognize him. Wait until they get to know him. He might beat Wynne to the bottom.

Ontario doctors fight law forcing them to help kill their patients

TORONTO, June 16, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- An Ontario policy that forces doctors to refer patients for euthanasia and abortion, even when it’s against their conscience or religion, was challenged in court this week.

Five Christian doctors and three doctors' groups argued in court that a policy from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) violates their Charter rights to freedom of conscience and religion. 

The Kathleen Wynne Liberal government intervened on behalf of the college.

The 2015 CPSO policy requires that doctors who object on religious or conscience grounds to providing certain medical "practices" -- notably abortion and euthanasia -- must give patients seeking these practices an effective referral. This means actively handing over a patient to another colleague who will do the job.

The policy also requires that doctors who do not want to be involved in killing their patients must do so in unspecified "emergency" situations.

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Ford marches in parade he helped save

People have been teasing Doug Ford he may need divine intervention to beat Mayor John Tory in next year's election.

Perhaps that's why the former councillor, who declared his intention on Friday to run against Tory, was walking with Jesus and his followers Saturday.

It was no accident that Ford chose to make the 18th annual Jesus in the City Parade -- in and around Queen’s Park -- his first event after declaring his candidacy.

"I was very happy to be invited and be part of it," he said.

It was not his first time marching at this parade which drew more than 10,000 people.

"Three years ago, Doug and his brother Rob were instrumental in saving the 15th annual parade after city officials shockingly cancelled the parade just two weeks before the march," said Charles McVety, of Canada Christian College.

Doug marched then and again Saturday.

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Canadian nurse forced out for refusing to participate in euthanasia

PALMER RAPIDS, Ontario, June 14, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- A Canadian nurse no longer has her job helping the sick and the elderly after she was told that she must either assist patients who wanted to kill themselves using the country’s new euthanasia law, or resign. 

Mary Jean Martin, a Registered Nurse who worked in middle-management as a Homecare Coordinator in Ontario, said she became a nurse in the late 1980s to help the "vulnerable and the struggling," not to be a link in a chain that would ultimately lead to a patient’s death. 

"Can you imagine being a nurse and being told that you have to help kill someone? That's so against the philosophy of nursing and it’s so against the heart of the healthcare person," she told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview. 

"We're not soldiers. We did not sign up to kill people. We are compassionate," she said. 

"After 30 years as a nurse these laws make me feel no longer proud of being either a health care professional in this country or Canadian citizen," she added. 

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Abortion is 'a tool to end poverty': Canada’s foreign minister

Canada's international development minister has defended the Justin Trudeau Liberal government's aggressive pro-abortion international aid policy by claiming abortion is "a tool to end poverty."

International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau was responding to criticism of Canada's bishops, who have denounced the Liberals for putting sexual and reproductive rights "at the core" of their foreign policy.

But Bibeau, speaking to CTV News from the Family Planning Summit in London, countered that "contraception and even abortion is only a tool to end poverty."

"We ... have to give [women] the control over their lives. So we shouldn't look at contraception as the objective," she said.

"This is not the objective. This is only a tool to reduce poverty and inequality and to make an impact in terms of development and peace and security in the world."

The Canadian bishops blasted the Liberals in a July letter for their "attempt to insinuate abortion advocacy in Canadian foreign policy" and for putting "political ideology" ahead of the genuine needs in the developing world.

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Body of Canadian killed fighting ISIS returned to Canada, mom says

The mother of a Canadian killed while fighting Islamic State militants in Syria said her heart was heavy as she put her hands on a casket containing the body of her son.

Tina Martino of Niagara Falls, Ont., says she has not yet been able to see the remains of her 24-year-old son, Nazzareno Tassone, because his casket was sealed when it arrived in Canada late Saturday night months after his death.

"As I lay my hands on the casket, sadness came over me," Martino said Sunday. "I'm still wondering, 'Is this my boy?"'

Tassone was killed on Dec. 21 in the city of Raqqa while fighting militants associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as ISIL.

The young man had told his family that he was going to Iraq to teach English, but he secretly slipped into Syria to join forces with a U.S.-backed Kurdish group called the YPG.

The YPG told Tassone's family that his body was taken by ISIL militants, and wasn't recovered until May.

Martino said she still has doubts about the identity of the person in the casket because of a presumed error in an initial autopsy report she was sent -- it listed her son as having a different hair colour, being several inches taller than he was and more than a decade older.

Officials said they later confirmed the body was Tassone based on dental records.

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