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Do we really care what happens to Canada’s children?

The effects of Pride week in Toronto are more far-reaching than most people realize, and it impacts everyone. Like it or not your tax dollars, your hard earned money, is funding the gay pride festivities. While the Federal government only gives a mere $52,000 to Pride Toronto, the Provincial government gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to support pride week every year. The money given to Pride Toronto not only financially supports the gay pride parade, where mock sex acts and nudity are paraded down the streets of Toronto, but it also gives a venue for political activist groups such as “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” to spread their hatred of Israel. What’s even worse is that young children in schools are being affected by this gay activist agenda found embedded pride week. 

...Do we really care what happens to Canada’s children?

Government gives hormone therapy to 11 year old Edmonton girl to change gender

This week, CTV news ran a report of a young girl named Renna Kaufmann who has reportedly been transgendered since she was two years old. She is now 11 years old, dresses as a boy, and goes by the name Wren. Wren’s parents began raising her as a boy was when she watched the movie ‘The Incredibles’ and wanted to be the young male superhero Dash, instead of his sister Violet. She also caught her parent’s attention when she would claim, as a young child, that she “didn’t feel right’ in her body, but one must question where would these ideas come from? Do children really identify their gender on their own by the age of two?

...Government gives hormone therapy to 11 year old Edmonton girl to change gender

Abortion Activist Henry Morgentaler Dies at the age of 90

Recently, abortion activist Henry Morgentaler died at the age of 90. Mogentaler led the charge for the legalization of abortion in Canada, which reached its goal in 1988 in abolishing any laws or restrictions in Canada as to when an abortion can be performed. Since Morgentaler opened his first abortion clinic in 1969 over 3 million Canadian babies have been killed through abortion. Between 1974 and 2010 a total of 3,191,362 recorded abortions were performed. 

His death comes at a time when the abortion debate is once again becoming a hot topic in Canadian politics with motions being presented by MP Stephen Woodworth and MP Mark Warawa that would place some form of regulation on the conditions under which an abortion could be performed. It is also a time when we have seen more political turmoil than ever under the Harper government. If there was ever a time for a change to Canada’s abortion laws, that time may very well soon be upon us.

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Six Gender Education Now Focuses on Ontario Daycare

You may have heard about the Health and Physical Education curriculum that was quashed back in 2010. You may also have heard about the TDSB’s Equitable & Inclusive Education Policy and its pro-homosexual agenda, but now we are faced with a new threat that is proposing to indoctrinate our children with pro-homosexual teaching beginning before a child even enters the classroom.

...Six Gender Education Now Focuses on Ontario Daycare

Justin Trudeau and the problem with 'root causes'

With the identification of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, it may not be long before the world learns who the perpetrators were and what, if any, affiliations they had. The only thing that is clear right now is that there is little appetite for a discussion of “root causes,” something Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said should be examined in the wake of the bombings. It was a poorly timed and misinformed statement that suggests Mr. Trudeau has a learning curve ahead of him.

“We have to look at the root causes,” Mr. Trudeau said the day after the bombings. “Now, we don’t know now if it was terrorism or a single crazy or a domestic issue or a foreign issue.

“But there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded. Completely at war with innocents. At war with a society. And our approach has to be, where do those tensions come from?”

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