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ISIS has its eyes set on Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government may be less concerned about the threat posed to Canada by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria than the previous Conservative government, but it's clear the terrorists haven't forgotten about us.

Indeed, as Stewart Bell of the National Post reported Monday, Canadian authorities believe ISIS has formed a terrorist cell in Syria devoted to reaching out to potential English-speaking terrorists through social media, with a specific desk officer assigned to Canada.

The advantage to ISIS of recruiting allies among natural born Canadians is obvious.

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Are the Syrian refugees actually refugees?

The Liberal government is delivering on its promise to accept 25,000 Syrian migrants by the end of this month. Leamington and Peterborough, Ontario, and Brooks, Alberta are the latest Canadian cities to accept refugees, most of whom have already arrived.

The plight of desperate people fleeing for their lives, starving in besieged cities or wounded in the crossfires of a bloody war rightly evokes sympathy everywhere. Yet are the truly desperate even able to make their way over?

Given the volatile political situation in Syria and given the fact that many Canadians fear a credible terrorist threat among the influx of refugees, it is reasonable to ask whether the people we are accepting genuinely meet the criteria of refugees as outlined in the 1951 UNHCR Refugee Convention.

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ISIL jihadist executes his own mother in public after accusation that she was a non-believer

An ISIL jihadist executed his own mother after the extremist group told him she was a non-believer, activists say.

According to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks the Syrian conflict, the 20-year-old fighter killed his mother with an assault rifle in front of a large gathering in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

Abu Mohammed, a member of a Raqqa-based known as Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, also reported Thursday's killing on his Twitter account. Mohammed identified the jihadist as Ali Saqr al-Qasem. The militant's mother, Leena, was 35, Mohammed said.

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Liberals plan to build refugee camps on seven Canadian military bases -- Taxpayers will fund mosques, Korans

Included in the Department of National Defence budgets are hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside for "religious support," including the purchase of Muslim Korans, prayer mats and foot-washing towels.

The plans also call for the construction of mosques or "worship centres," using taxpayers dollars.

The planning documents, in English and French, were released in response to a Rebel "Access to Information" request about religious expenditures by the Department of National Defence.

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Pro-sharia caliphate lecture held at Ontario college

Helping Syrian refugees coming to Canada and building an Islamic caliphate are part of the same cause, according to a pro-sharia speaker at an Islamic conference in Hamilton.

And now Mohawk College, on whose property the event took place, says the group isn't welcome back.

A YouTube video posted last month shows Mazin Abdul-Adhim delivering a speech entitled "The Truth Behind the Syrian Refugee Crisis" on Nov. 28.

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Europe is planning to deport hundreds of thousands of Muslims

In a recent reversal, Sweden now says it will deport half of its 160,000 migrants, Finland plans to deport two-thirds of its 32,000 migrants and Germany intends to deport all migrants who arrived under false pretenses - a number that could total many hundreds of thousands - as well as all migrants from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, which Germany now deems "safe" countries because they are not at war.

Most countries in Europe, in fact, are now cracking down on migrants from Muslim countries, raising the possibility of a modern-day expulsion that rivals that of the 16th and 17th centuries, when Spain, to its shame, not only ethnically cleansed its territories of all Muslims but also of their descendants who had converted to Christianity.

The sea change in attitude among Europe's political leadership - mere weeks ago, many of them insisted that they must open their doors even wider on humanitarian grounds - followed mass sexual assaults in European cities on New Year's Eve. Although government officials and the mainstream press initially tried to cover up the extent of the wrong-doing - an estimated 1,000 Muslims in Cologne alone participated in "Taharrush," a practice of encircling, groping and sometimes raping women - the extent of the assaults led to a fire-storm of outrage on social media that forced both the mainstream media and the politicians to acknowledge the problems and reverse course.

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'Jihadi Junior' appears in ISIL execution video, calling on fighters to 'kill the kuffar'

A young boy appeared in an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant propaganda video Sunday, apparently calling on fighters to kill non-believers.

On Monday, the boy's grandfather identified him as Isa Dare - the son of U.K. woman Grace Dare, who travelled to Syria in 2012 after she was radicalized online, the Telegraph reported. Before he was identified, the British press was referring to the youngster as "Jihadi Junior."

"I was surprised when I saw the picture," Henry Dare, the grandfather, told the Telegraph. "It's definitely him. Of course I'm worried but there's nothing I can do now."

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U.K. woman sentenced to six years in prison for taking toddler to join ISIL in Syria

A judge has sentenced a British woman to six years in prison for going to Syria to live under the rule of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Tareena Shakil was convicted last week of being a member of the group and encouraging acts of terrorism.

In October 2014 she and her 1-year-old son boarded a plane to Turkey and then travelled to Syria. After three months Shakil fled, taking a taxi to the Turkish border and returning to Britain.

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Stop appeasing the Islamic extremists demands Cameron as he calls for the whole country to be loyal to British values

David Cameron yesterday pledged to end the appeasement of Islamist extremism, and demanded that everyone in Britain show 'loyalty' to this country and its values.

In a stark warning, he said 2016 will be a 'test of our mettle' in the battle against radicals with a 'seething hatred' of this country and the West.

Issuing an uncompromising New Year message, the Prime Minister said anyone who walks the streets of Britain must subscribe to its values, including freedom and tolerance.

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U.N Report Confirms ISIS Genocide

The more we find out, the worse it gets.

At least 18,802 civilians have been killed in Iraq from January 2014 to October 2015.

At least 36,245 civilians have been wounded during that same time period.

An estimated 3,500 are being held as slaves by ISIS - the Islamic State - in Iraq, most of them women and children.

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WATCH: Algerian troops march singing 'kill the Jews'

A video of the Algerian National Gendarmerie in marching drills shows the troops chanting about killing, slaughtering and skinning Jews.

The troops march in formation to an Arabic jody call, responding to turn to lines shouted by an officer.

"Oh, Arabs... sons of Arabs... march on... and turn your guns towards the Jews... in order to kill them… slaughter them... and skin them," they alternate saying.

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Boy slices off his own hand in penance for accidentally indicating he didn't love Muhammad at mosque

Late one night, the imam Shabir Ahmad looked up from prayers at his mosque to see a 15-year-old boy approaching with a plate in his outstretched left hand. On it was the boy's freshly severed right hand.

Ahmad did not hesitate. He fled the mosque and left the village, in eastern Punjab province.

Earlier that night, Jan. 10, he had denounced the boy as a blasphemer, an accusation that in Pakistan can get a person killed - even when the accusation is false, as it was in this case.

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Hamas political leader urges more stabbing attacks

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal has praised the recent spate of Palestinian attacks on Israelis and said that because Palestinians have come to the conclusion that the peace process is futile, the path of "Jihad, sacrifice, and blood" is the only way forward.

"The Palestinians have reached the realization that negotiations with the (Israelis) are useless," Mashaal said during a visit to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lampur on December 10. "The so-called peace process is futile. There is no peace. Only the path of Jihad, sacrifice, and blood (will bear fruit)."

Mashaal, who lives in exile in Qatar, was in Malaysia last week at the head of a delegation of senior Hamas officials for a four-day visit to meet with government officials and politicians.

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Nearly 19,000 civilians killed in Iraq in 21-month period

Nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in Iraq between January 2014 and October 2015 -- a toll the United Nations calls "staggering" in a new report.

The report, released Tuesday, outlines the horrific impact that Iraq's ongoing conflict is having on its civilian population.

The numbers are mind-boggling.

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Confusion clouds Saudi Arabia's coalition against terrorism

Some key members of the 34-nation anti-Islamic State coalition announced by Saudi Arabia have a fundamental question: just what is it?

Indonesia did not know it was going to be a military alliance, which it does not want to join. A senior Pakistani lawmaker only learned the news from a Reuters reporter.

And while Western governments welcomed this week's initiative, there was uncertainty over how it would work.

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While we fight over Trump, France closes 3 mosques, finds hundreds of weapons

The French have adopted what is clearly a no-nonsense attitude toward radical Islamist terrorism since the Paris attacks and they're not taking their foot off the gas. As the United States continues to debate over "tone" and how to balance religious liberty and tolerance against domestic security, Francois Hollande's forces have "cut a few corners" on those subjects and just begun shutting down mosques. At least three of the Muslim houses of worship have been closed already and law enforcement has found a trove of disturbing items among the haul.

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ISIS murdering kids with Down Syndrome - just like the Nazis

In a chilling parallel with Nazi Germany, ISIS militants have reportedly ordered the extermination of children with Down syndrome within their caliphate.

The fatwa was ordered by a judge in ISIS' Shariah court, reports Mosul Eye, an Iraqi activist group that reports on atrocities from within the ISIS stronghold.

"We recorded more than 38 confirmed cases of killing babies with congenital deformities and Down syndrome, aged between one week to three months. They were killed by either lethal injection or suffocation," the group reported on its Facebook page.

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Lessons from Germany's refugee crisis

In December, Time named Angela Merkel its Person of the Year for 2015.

The accolade was given to the German chancellor for her decision to throw open Germany's borders, and welcome any and all Syrian refugees.

Over a million have taken her up on the offer so far and another million are expected.

But in the final hours of 2015, when Germans took to the streets to ring in the New Year, some of these asylum seekers thanked their German hosts by forming mobs and sexually assaulting German women and girls.

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'They came prepared to do what they did': At least 14 dead, 17 hurt after California shooting spree

A heavily armed man and woman dressed for battle opened fire on a holiday banquet for his co-workers in San Bernardino, about 96 kilometres east of Los Angeles, killing at least 14 people. Seventeen people were wounded, according to authorities. Ten were hospitalized in critical condition, and three were in serious condition, Fire Chief Tom Hannemann said.

San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan identified one dead suspect as Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, the other as Tashfeen Malik, 27, his wife or fiancee. Burguan said Farook was born in the United States; the chief said he did not know Malik's background.

The suspects were believed to have fled in a black SUV, prompting a massive manhunt through the city's streets.

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Marseille Jew fended off stabber with 'holy book'

A Turkish teenager who stabbed a Jewish teacher with a machete on Monday in the southern French city of Marseille told police he was attacking in the name of the Islamic State group, a prosecutor said.

The attack, which left the 35-year-old teacher with an injured shoulder and hand, occurred in broad daylight in the south of the city, prosecutor Brice Robin said.

The 15-year-old ethnic Kurd rushed the victim from behind and stabbed him in the shoulder, then chased after him for a few meters until he fell, Robin said.

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Obama's Religious Test for Compassion

Obama recently lashed out against the idea of giving preference to Christian refugees, describing it as "shameful." "That's not American. That's not who we are. We don't have religious tests to our compassion," loftily added the American president.

Accordingly, the administration is still determined to accept 10,000 more Syrian refugees, almost all of whom will be Muslim, despite the fact that some are ISIS operatives, while many share the ISIS worldview (as explained below).

Yet right as Obama was grandstanding about "who we are," statistics were released indicating that "the current [refugee] system overwhelmingly favors Muslim refugees. Of the 2,184 Syrian refugees admitted to the United States so far, only 53 are Christians while 2,098 are Muslim."

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