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At least 350 Christians killed in the past week, church leaders say.

In an emergency prayer message sent Saturday night (Sept. 6) to Morning Star News among others, EYN President Samuel Dali said the headquarters of the church is under grave threat from the Islamic extremist insurgents who seek to impose sharia (Islamic law) throughout the country.“Boko Haram violence has been getting worse every day, and our members are fleeing the area by the thousands,” he said. “Recent attacks in Borno and Adamawa states where are our churches are located have seen Boko Haram take over the Army base. As a result, about 350 Christians have been killed.”

Posted SEPT/8 /2014 by Mark Harding


Brussels shooter's Syrian past raises alarms in Europe

Revelations that the suspected gunman in the deadly shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels had also served as a captor and torturer in Syria shows Europe's vulnerability to terror attacks, experts say.

Mehdi Nemmouche, who was extradited to Belgium over the May 24 shooting which killed four people, was identified this weekend by a French journalist as being among his Islamic extremist captors in Syria.

Writing on the website of his former employer Le Point magazine, Nicolas Henin said the 29-year-old was his feared and violent jailer between July and December 2013.

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Christian from Uganda ordered to leave country.

In the latest incident in a nearly two-year wave of church demolitions, closures and confiscations, Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) forcibly closed the Sudan Pentecostal Church (SPC) church building in Khartoum, which houses the Khartoum Christian Center (KCC).
Since the locking of the church building, pastors have received threatening messages from NISS agents that they risk being arrested, another source said.
“The government has made it clear that no member or church leader is allowed to worship at the SPC building until further notification,” the source said. “Any violation of this directive will lead to arrest.”  POSTED Sept 04/14 by Mark Harding


Islamic State justifies atrocities by citing Muhammad

Boko Horam“The magazine includes numerous quotes from the Qur’an and Islamic hadiths, providing context from the life of Mohammed to justify the group’s brutal actions….For instance, one article defends a decision to execute Sunni tribesmen in eastern Syria this year – a photograph of the mass shooting is featured – on the basis that they had agreed to submit to the caliphate but then ‘betrayed their covenant by rebelling.’ It then cites a hadith which recounted how Mohammed, when faced with treachery, ordered that the perpetrators have their hands and feet cut off, their eyes gouged out with hot irons, and be left to die. ‘This hadith shows the severity of the prophetic punishment against the treacherous, false claimants of Islam,’ the article says, saying that the Syrian tribesmen had been guilty of a similar ‘wicked deed.'”READ MORE

Isis Master Plan Revealed: Islamic 'Caliphate' Will Rule Spain, China and Balkans

As the Isis (now known as Islamic State) terror group continues to consolidate its self-declared "caliphate" in territory seized in its march across north-eastern Syria and northern Iraq, a map has been released that details the "ten-state solution" it hopes to achieve over the next decade.

Walid Shoebat, a former Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) terrorist turned Islamic scholar, has translated the Arabic map of the expansionist caliphate to show the Balkans, Spain and Portugal are long-term targets for the militants.

The group, which stemmed from al-Qaeda and the Salafist ideology, rejects the notion of nationalism, aiming to remove secular governments and replace them with a pan-Islamic caliphate.

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The Little Known Truth about ISIS's Human Trafficking and Slave Trade

ISIS fighters are capturing civilians and using them as slaves, transporting them enormous distances and separating them from their families forever, according to the testimony of a Yazidi girl in today's Times.
"They took all of our gold and our cash. My mother had a necklace and $12,000. Then they put women and children in one room and men in the other."
The following day, they were driven to the nearby town of Sinjar where they were transferred onto buses with women from other villages. They never saw their male relatives again. Watch the video. Posted by Mark Harding 4/14