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Rona Ambrose Marches for Gay Activism

Unelected Conservative Party interim-leader Rona Ambrose betrays her past promises as she leads the party down a path of liberal policies. If she continues to lead the party down the liberal-lite path, Prime Minister Trudeau will severely damage the moral and financial foundation of Canada.

Ambrose is so liberal she copied Trudeau's slogan "Because its 2015" with her own "Because its the Current Year" as she marched in the Gay Parade. Her LGBTory logo is eerily similar to the Liberal logo with a capital L and a small maple leaf.

Since being appointed, leader Ambrose has offered virtually no opposition to Trudeau's radical agenda, no resistance to his massive debt, bail-in to allow banks to take depositor's assets. With record speed she allowed the government to legalize the killing of the sick and infirmed as young as 18 years old. Ambrose offers tacit consent to Bill C-16, the transgender law that will change the criminal code of Canada to imprison a father for stopping men from showering or changing with his little girl. This fall she will offer similar support to legalization of marijuana and the carbon tax.

Rona has betrayed her past promises as she voted against gay marriage in 2005, and for the 2006 motion to re-establish marriage as one man and one woman. The last time a Conservative leader became so Liberal, the party went from over 200 seats down to 2.

The majority of the Conservative caucus is pro-family and they can correct or even dismiss Rona Ambrose. I urge you to contact Conservative Members of Parliament and the Conservative Party by calling 1-866-808-8407. Tell them you will not donate to hypocrites or vote for those who betray Conservative values.

Please sign the petition and share with your friends.

Watch the video by clicking here.

Conservatives will not donate for hypocrites and will not vote for those who betray conservative values

Sign petition demanding Rona Ambrose to resign, and call them at 1-866-808-8407.