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Expand burka ban, says Muslim group

TORONTO - A Muslim group is urging Canada’s immigration minister to extend his recent burka ban beyond the citizenship courts.

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Too controversial to question

Texas passed a law imposing informed consent on women seeking abortions. In future, women there will have a sonogram, with the heartbeat audible and the image of the fetus visible to them. They will also hear a description of how the unborn baby would develop. It is quite likely that many of them will think twice about aborting, and will consider other options.

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Jewish group seeks apology from B.C. paper after editorial calls Zionism ‘a cancer’

Canada’s leading Jewish advocacy organization is demanding an apology from a B.C. community newspaper that published an editorial calling Zionism a cancer and saying U.S. policies on the Middle East are a result of Jews who “monopolize most of the academic and intellectually demanding positions.”

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Let's deep-six 'family values'- Shocking Article

Some days, honestly, I feel like a feminist version of Rip Van Winkle (Wrinkle?) or maybe it’s Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, waking up in a world that would have once been unthinkable after so many battles fought and won for contraception on demand, reproductive freedom, women’s equality and gay rights.

Why hang Ian Thomson for the ‘crime’ of protecting himself?

Just when was Ian Thomson guilty of unsafe storage of a firearm? Mr. Thomson is the Port Colborne, Ont., man currently standing trial in a Welland, Ont. courtroom after he and his home were attacked by firebombers in August, 2010. (That’s correct, in the topsy-turvy world of Canadian criminal justice, Mr. Thomson and his home were the ones attacked and yet he is the one on trial.)

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