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Justin Trudeau shoots an Alberta-sized hole in his credibility over oilsands

Well, that went about as well as expected.

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked Friday at a town hall in Peterborough, Ont., for his views on climate change and pipelines, he gave an ominous answer: "We can't shut down the oilsands tomorrow; we need to phase them out."

Oh, boy.

You could almost hear the heads explode in Alberta - and none detonated with more indignation than that of Wildrose Leader Brian Jean.

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Justin Trudeau admits he used Aga Khan's private helicopter, a potential violation of federal law

Justin Trudeau admitted on Thursday that he used the Aga Khan's private helicopter to get around the Bahamas when he vacationed with the billionaire philanthropist and spiritual leader, an apparent violation of federal law and his own rules.

The National Post asked the prime minister to describe how he travelled from Nassau - the Bahamanian capital where Trudeau and his family landed in an RCAF Challenger executive jet on Boxing Day - to Bell Island, which is about 115 kilometres south over open ocean, after a Conservative MP asked a parliamentary watchdog to investigate Trudeau’s travel arrangements.

On Monday, it was Conservative MP Andrew Scheer, asking Mary Dawson, Parliament's Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, to determine if Trudeau was violating federal laws when he accepted the hospitality of the Aga Kahn at Bell Island, the Bahamas. The Aga Khan is the director and chairman of an organization in Canada that is registered under federal law to lobby the federal government for foreign aid money.

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Youngest MPP gets rude introduction to new face of 'tolerance' in liberal Ontario

Poor Sam Oosterhoff. Here he is just 19, a home-schooled farm kid from Ontario wine country, newly landed in The Big Smoke and keen to make his mark as the province's youngest-ever MPP. But his political career is already doomed. He's the only one in the Legislature who doesn't appear to see it.

Reason: Oosterhoff is an orthodox Christian and a social conservative, in an era when being such is tantamount to thought crime, punishable by revulsion, penalty to be administered by flash mob on social media. This is the new face of tolerance in liberal Ontario.

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Widespread 'abuse' of nomination process in provincial Mississauga riding: Former MP

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown and former Mississauga MP Bob Dechert served together in former prime minister Stephen Harper's Conservative caucus for years.

It looked like Dechert might be reunited with his former Ottawa colleague since he had thrown his hat into the ring to run for the Tory nomination in Mississauga Erin-Mills.

He was a potential candidate in the 2018 provincial election until Saturday when he dropped a political bomb, calling for an investigation into the party's nomination process and membership registration legitimacy.

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The race-baiting identity politics of Justin Trudeau

Seeking the "safe space" that seem so vogue these days, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to the safest city in the country for Liberals, and to the two safest spaces he could ever wish for.

He sat down the other day with the Toronto Star's editorial board, and with the CBC's top-rated Toronto radio show, Metro Morning.

These, after all, were the safest possible venues for Trudeau to play the type of Liberal identity politics that he slams other parties for employing, but which he himself plays like a virtuoso.

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Eighteen months until the next Ontario general election

Monte McNaughton will be looking to win a third term at the Ontario legislature in 18 months' time.

Progressive Conservative MPP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex since 2011, the 39-year-old McNaughton was expected to be acclaimed at the provincial party riding association's nomination meeting Thursday in Glencoe.

"Honoured to continue representing Lambton-Kent-Middlesex at Queen's Park and honoured to represent the Conservative Party in the next election," the Mt. Brydges resident said Thursday morning, before the meeting.

"I'm going to continue to do what I've done over the last five years and that's bring common-sense ideas from the people and businesses of my riding to Queen's Park," he said.

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Liberal's online democracy survey is an insult

The Liberals have set up an online survey to learn what you think about electoral reform. They really want to know your views on the topic. They care so much that they're using your tax money to mail out 15 million postcards directing you to complete the survey at

There's one major problem with it, though. I've just done the whole thing and am left scratching my head at this process. It never, not when I did it, asks what you actually think about electoral reform. Yes, you read that correctly. The electoral reform survey doesn't ask your opinion on electoral reform.

It asks a whole lot of questions that skirt around the general issue. But it doesn't ever actually get to the point and outright ask the question that really matters.

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Buried government report reveals looming fiscal crisis

A shocking new report quietly released by the federal government admits that their finances could collapse in the coming decades if politicians don't make responsible choices.

Two days before Christmas, when most politicians and their staffers had long left their offices for the holiday break, the finance department released - without fanfare or wide notice - a surprising update on long-term economic and fiscal projections.

The report warns that lower than expected growth combined with higher program spending "would be sufficient to put at risk the fiscal sustainability of the federal government."

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Patrick Brown pressured MPPs to vote for radical pro-LGBTQ bill or stay away

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown pressured his MPPs to either vote for the radical pro-LGBTQ Bill 28 or absent themselves, sources within the party have told Campaign Life Coalition.

The controversial bill, which legally redefines the family - including substituting "mother" and "father" for parent - to accommodate homosexual activists, was passed unanimously at Queen's Park Tuesday by 79 MPPs from all parties.

"Our sources in the Progressive Conservative Party told us that Patrick Brown pressured his caucus to either vote for the bill or to stay away," Campaign Life vice president Jeff Gunnarson told LifeSiteNews.

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Bail-Ins Coming? World's Oldest Bank "Survival Rests On Savers"

The world's oldest bank and Italy's third biggest bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS), is making a last-ditch emergency attempt as the year ends to convince tens of thousands of ordinary Italian savers to help it escape state hands.

MPS shares fell 8.5% in early trading this morning as the bank began its attempt to entice institutional and retail investors to snap up fresh shares. The bank wants 40,000 retail investors and savers to take part in a complex 5 billion [euro] (4.18bn [pounds]) bailout. The Tuscan lender said it is pressing ahead with a highly-ambitious plan to persuade private investors to convert their bonds into shares. This process must be completed in the next two weeks - by the end of the year.

MPS has become the focus of fears about the Italian banking system, which is on the verge of collapse with 360 billion [euros] of bad debts amassed in recent years. Unicredit, Italy's biggest bank, last week announced plans to raise 13 billion [euro] through a record-breaking share issue and slash another 11% of the workforce.

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Canadian PM Trudeau Praises Dictator Castro as 'Remarkable Leader'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has praised Communist dictator Fidel Castro as a "legendary revolutionary" and "remarkable leader" after the former Cuban leader's death Friday night.

Mr. Trudeau said that he learned of Castro's death with "deep sorrow", paying tribute to him as a "larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century".

"A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation," the Canadian prime minister said.

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Social conservative MPP chastised after saying Tory party has secret plan

A Progressive Conservative MPP who once said it's "not a bad idea" to stop teaching evolution in schools has been taken to the woodshed by PC leader Patrick Brown for promoting a socially conservative agenda.

The dressing down came after Ontario's French-language television network, TFO, reported that MPP Rick Nicholls promised supporters the Tories have a secret plan if they win the 2018 election.

Brown has been trying to put a more modern face on the party, saying it supports Premier Kathleen Wynne's updated sex education curriculum, gay marriage and won't change access to abortion - all measures opposed by social conservatives.

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Give cops medals for efforts to stop park sex

If you can imagine, New Democrat MPP Cheri DiNovo wants the cops rebuked for arresting creeps who have sex in a public park.

Thankfully, some common sense prevails and Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack wants her to apologize for making such a suggestion.

And I want medals and citations for all the 22 Division officers involved in making arrests in Etobicoke's Marie Curtis Park.

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Ontario Premier Wynne's support down to 16 per cent, poll finds

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is the least popular premier in the country, with only 16 per cent approving of her handling of the job, according to the Angus Reid Institute's quarterly tracking.

As usual with the poll, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is far and away the provincial leader with the most support, with 58 per cent of respondents from Saskatchewan saying he's doing a good job.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister - only seven months in office - wasn't too far behind, with the approval of 50 per cent.

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Defeated Ontario PC candidate calls for war on social conservatives after losing race

A Progressive Conservative candidate has called for war on social conservatives in the party a day after his crushing defeat in Thursday's Ottawa-Vanier byelection.

Andre Marin said Friday that PC leader Patrick Brown had to put social conservatives "in their place," alleging they constitute "a threat to the party," reported the Ottawa Citizen.

"If they start calling some of the shots, I think you'll see a very fast erosion in the popularity of the Progressive Conservative party," Marin said.

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Ontario Tory leader to social conservatives: Keep your 'private religious views' to yourself

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown has banned social conservatism from his party, if not social conservatives themselves, telling the latter at a press conference last week that they should keep their views on abortion, same sex "marriage" or sex education to themselves if seeking to run as Tory candidates in the 2018 election.

Asked if the party was systematically blocking social conservatives from getting nominations as candidates for the next general election, Brown responded, "If your reason for going to Queen's Park would be to push a divisive social issue, then that would be unwelcome. People can have their private religious views, but just know where I stand and what the focus of our party is."

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Where's the anger from Ontario voters?

Call it a draw. A split decision.

Nothing changes - and Premier Kathleen Wynne can return to Queen's Park unscathed on Monday morning.

Niagara West-Glanbrook is still Tory; Ottawa-Vanier, still Liberal.

One riding stayed loyal to its small and large C conservative roots.

The Liberals held Ottawa-Vanier by a comfortable margin.

It wasn't even close in either riding.

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Patrick Brown aiming to shed 'social conservative' tag

By next summer, a year ahead of the 2018 election, the Progressive Conservative Party aims to have candidates nominated in every single riding in Ontario. To all those thinking of running, PC leader Patrick Brown is sending a message: social conservatives, keep out.

Despite winning the party leadership with significant backing from social conservatives, Brown has vowed to make his party more socially progressive.

He is struggling to make that a reality, as people with strong views against same-sex marriage, abortion and the province's new sex-ed curriculum seek nominations.

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More than half of anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn't vote

Things turned ugly when an anti-Donald Trump rally in Portland, Oregon turned into a riot over the weekend. But of the 112 protesters arrested by the Portland Police Bureau, more than half didn't even vote according to state election records.

Sixty-nine protesters didn't fill out a ballot or weren't registered to vote in Oregon, according to NBC affiliate KGW. The news channel compared state voter logs provided by Multnomah County election officials with a list of those arrested - which included names and ages.

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Disqualified candidate says Brown welcoming Liberals into the Tory fold

So-cons out, Liberal-friendlies in?

That's what it looks like, says Jay Tysick, whose bid for the PC nomination in Carleton was cut short in October when the party disqualified him.

"I believe I was removed because I was too right-wing, I was too conservative," said Tysick, a former senior aide to Ottawa City Councillor Rick Chiarelli and now a managing partner of Faraday Partners.

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CBS News under fire for holding clip of Trump telling supporters not to attack minorities

CBS News is under fire for holding a videotaped clip from a Friday interview with President-elect Donald Trump urging supporters not to attack minorities until a "60 Minutes" broadcast on Sunday night.

"I am very surprised to hear that. I hate to hear it," Trump told interviewer Lesley Stahl when told of some attacks on minorities that have reportedly occurred since his election victory Tuesday.

"I am so sorry to hear it, and I say stop it," Trump said before looking directly into the camera. "And I say right to the camera, stop it."

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