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Provinces struggling to work out details of marijuana legalization

OTTAWA -- Provinces have been protesting the large volume of work and heavy costs they say the Trudeau government has piled on them in its rush to legalize recreational cannabis across Canada by next year.

So far, however, the small province of New Brunswick has been taking the high road.

Unlike other members of the federation, New Brunswick isn't pressing for federal compensation to cover the bills of pot legalization, nor is it in a particular scramble to draw up the plans, the province's health minister said.

Provinces have been busy since the federal government tabled legislation last month to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana use, with a primary aim of keeping weed out of the hands of youth and criminals. Ottawa hopes to make it happen by July 2018.

"We didn't just wait for the federal legislation and then start -- we started doing our homework and our due diligence well before, anticipating what the federal legislation was going to look like," New Brunswick Health Minister Victor Boudreau said in an interview.

"There's no question if the federal government is willing to help with some of the up-front costs -- I'm sure we wouldn't say no to that. But I'm not necessarily saying that would be necessary just yet, either."

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