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Judge restores Christian homeschooling operation after Alberta NDP gov't shutdown

An Alberta judge has approved an agreement between Alberta's NDP government and a Christian homeschooling organization that will see the government restore funding to the organization it abruptly shut down in October over allegations of financial misconduct and breach of provincial laws.

Justice E.J. Simpson of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench signed a consent order of January 5 that directs the NDP to restore funding by January 10 to Trinity Christian School Association of Cold Lake, which oversees the homeschooling of 3,500 students, an estimated one-third of Alberta's homeschooled students, as well as the classroom education of a dozen pupils.

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On issues that matter, Harper was right

You don't have to have voted for Stephen Harper in last month's federal election to understand that, on the big issues that matter, Canada's former prime minister got things right.

That, in the wake of last weekend's wave of deadly ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris, the one leader in last month's election campaign who emphasized that in addition to the economy, security was our most important concern, was right.

That the one leader who said that being prime minister meant making "the difficult decisions necessary to protect our country's security," was right.

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Canadian medical schools readying doctors to talk to patients about assisted suicide

Canada’s medical schools are preparing for what was once unimaginable — teaching medical students and residents how to help patients take their own lives.

As the nation moves toward legalized physician-assisted death, Canada’s 17 faculties of medicine have begun to consider how they will introduce assisted dying into the curriculum for the next generations of doctors.

It is a profound change for medical educators, who have long taught future doctors that it is immoral to end a life intentionally.

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Ontario gov't tells court: No opt-outs for LGBT lessons, it's embedded in all subjects and grades

If anyone doubts that Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government will overrule parental rights in favour of its inclusivity agenda on behalf of LGBTTIQ - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirited, intersex, queer and questioning - students and parents, the evidence - literally - points clearly and abundantly to the fact that it will, and is.

And if anyone doubts that teachers in the public school system are encouraged to bring up references to LGBTTIQ issues in any and all subjects at their discretion, because equity and inclusivity is embedded in the curriculum, again, the evidence is in.

That evidence is found in the opposition factums in the Steve Tourloukis case, heard June 23 by Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Reid, and in which the Wynne Liberal government intervened on behalf of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, as did the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.

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Internal emails on gay project show Ottawa Catholic schools worried more about media than students: critic

An Ottawa Catholic watchdog group is accusing the Ottawa Catholic School Board of being more concerned about their portrayal in the media than acting in the best interest of Catholic students.

The newly-formed Catholic Intelligence Association is making the charge as they reveal the internal correspondence at the highest levels of the board over the media frenzy that ensued two months ago when a principal would not allow two grade six girls to research a project on "gay rights."

Twenty-three pages of email correspondence released to a ratepayer in the OCSB district under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request reveal the board's panic as national mainstream media capitalized on the story of the girls not being allowed to go ahead with their "social justice" project that they said focused on how "rude" it is to "make being gay a bad thing."

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Pro-life bench trashed again

Peterborough Pro-Life's bench-ad on Water Street just south of Trent University and across from Tim Hortons was trashed on Tuesday night, December 8. This is the third time this bench has been vandalized. The first time, the vandals spray-painted the contact telephone number for the help line. The second time, the culprits gouged out the eyes of the baby in the picture.  This latest attack left the message on the sign blacked out by the words "Pro choice'. Some words were also painted over leaving the statement, "Take my Life". Vandalism is itself a crime but I wonder if this might even be considered a hate crime.

The bench is directed toward women who are contemplating abortion to end the life of their unborn little one. Featured is the picture of a young baby with its hand extended toward a caption: "Take my hand not my life". The sign also provides a national '800' number answered by the Crisis Pregnancy Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They can help the mother to find emergency support facilities in the municipality from where she is calling.

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In Justin Trudeau’s world, Christians need not apply

The intersection of religion and politics can produce profound ethical dilemmas. For those who are religious, who see the performance of their faith here on earth as bearing on their destiny in the hereafter, politics can be a threatening pursuit. Religious imperatives are not intermittent, do not suffer exceptions, may not be quarantined from any aspect of a religiously engaged life.

And if a Christian is a politician, then his public conduct, his thinking and voting on matters of public concern, will naturally, inescapably, seek the polar star and guidance of his religious understanding. Religion is not an accessory to one's occupation and career. It has a core relationship to all of life.

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How to protect Canada from a crippling attack

While both Canada and the United States are currently vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack that has the potential to destabilize our power grid, water systems, food supply chain and more, the solution is relatively simple. But first the issue needs to become a priority for Canadian politicians.

Part one of this two-part feature explained former CIA analyst Dr. Peter Pry’s attempts to educate policy-makers and the military on the need to protect our electrical grid. If an enemy detonated a nuclear missile above the skies of North America, it could take out our grid for months. Countries like North Korea and various terrorist groups have already shown they can successfully launch EMP missiles.

“This is a bigger threat than the classic nuclear war we talk about,” Pry explained during a recent visit to Toronto. “It will kill a lot more people. One bomb will basically end your civilization."

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Tim Hudak's PCs release confidential committee report into Ontario's Ornge air ambulances

The Progressive Conservatives accuse Premier Kathleen Wynne of calling the June 12 election to bury a highly critical report into Ontario's troubled Ornge air ambulance service.

Former Tory MPP Frank Klees, who led the Opposition charge on allegations of corruption and mismanagement at Ornge, has released the confidential report of a legislative committee that was shelved by the election call.

Klees says he's convinced Wynne dissolved the legislature on Friday, May 2 - even though elections can't officially start until a Wednesday - because the Ornge report was to be released Monday, May 5.

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Refugee Trafficking Videos

Faith Goldy at The Rebel investigates the Refugee trafficking situation at Canada's southern boarder. 

Watch first video here of a confession revealing a country-wide human trafficking ring.

Watch second video here of footage of the human trafficking ring that is in NBC studio's backyard.

What do you think about this? What should we do as Christians?

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Campaign Life: Don't vote Liberal anymore, Trudeau's gone way too far

For the first time in its nearly 40 year history, Campaign Life Coalition, Canada's leading pro-life political activist organization, has advised "any person who has pro-life beliefs not to support any candidate seeking election under the Liberal Party banner."

In a message released Tuesday, signed by CLC National President Jim Hughes, the organization added, "nor should you support the Party, financially or otherwise."

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Canada unveils plans to legalise recreational marijuana

image from has laid out its plan to legalise the sale of recreational marijuana by June 2018.

If it passes, the country will be the largest developed nation to end marijuana prohibition.

The law was tabled on Thursday, and would allow adults over 18 to possess up to 30g of dried marijuana.

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Rob Ford follows luggage to his car as he hands over of all remaining duties to deputy mayor

Dressed entirely in black, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford emerged from his home Thursday morning and walked to a waiting vehicle without saying a word on whether he's headed to rehab after announcing the night before that he is taking a leave of absence to deal with his substance abuse issues.

A large suitcase was put in a separate car in Ford's two-car convoy before the mayor left his home.

Ford made the announcement after he was hit with a trifecta of scandals Wednesday night, including a new alleged crack video, audio of sexually lewd comments he made about mayoral rival Karen Stintz and racial slurs and a tale of a wild, drug and alcohol-fuelled night that ended in a feud with Justin Bieber and a vomit-strewn bathroom.

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Border Patrol Embarrassment

image from www.therebel.mediaThousands of illegal migrants are treating Canada's border as a revolving door for illicit entry. And, while one would like to believe Canada's top cops, the RCMP, are guarding our border, the truth is: They are being treated as bellhops!

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Government makes over a million requests a year for data from telecoms

Government agencies seek personal customer information from telecoms and social media websites more than one million times each year.

The agencies had long refused to say how often they get private data from phone and Internet companies. But a partial figure was revealed for the first time Tuesday.

A disclosure to the privacy commissioner of Canada from late 2011 shows this practice happens, on average, thousands of times every day - and Canadians are never told when their data is shared.

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Toronto temple popular with politicians is a 'cash cow' for terrorists: 'secret' CBSA report

The beautifully intricate paintings of Hindu gods inside the Canada Kandasamy Temple are a sacred backdrop for worshippers who come to pray, as well as for the politicians who pass through to have their pictures taken.

A garlanded Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was photographed at the temple last year, and then-defence minister Jason Kenney stopped by during the federal election campaign with local Conservative candidate Roshan Nallaratnam.

"Pleased to visit new Canada Kanthaswamy Temple in Scarborough," Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown posted on Twitter in June. Facebook photos show two then-NDP MPs at a temple event in 2012.

But according to a "Secret" Canada Border Services Agency report filed in Federal Court, the Kandasamy temple, in east-end Toronto, is controlled by the World Tamil Movement, which is on the Canadian government's list of terrorist organizations.

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Catholic teachers union blasted for WorldPride Parade plans

The union representing the province's Catholic school teachers should not have an official presence at the WorldPride 2014 Parade, a parent's group says.

Teresa Pierre, president of Parents As First Educators (PAFE), said a petition has been launched in response to a Catholic Register report that the church leadership is opposed to plans by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) to send a delegation to the event, which will be held in Toronto on June 29.

The petition, which drew more than 1,000 signatures over Easter weekend, urges the Ontario Catholic school trustees to demand OECTA change course, she said.

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Canadian Zionist Group Says New FM Dion's Pledge to Become 'Honest Broker' With Israel is Concerning

The Canadian chapter of Christians United for Israel, one of the world's largest pro-Israel groups, expressed concern over just sworn-in Canadian Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion's promise to have Canada become an "honest broker" with Israel.

"As a candidate to become Prime Minister, [Justin] Trudeau had promised to maintain the substance of Canada's exemplary relationship with Israel, modifying only the tone," the group said in a statement released on Friday. "However, just sworn-in Stephan Dion promises his ministry at Foreign Afffairs will return to the role of 'honest broker' vis a vis Israel."

"Israel already has many 'honest brokers' among the Europeans. What Israel, a democracy surrounded by terrorist states and dictatorships needs is friends it can count on," the group said.

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Syrian extremists threaten to 'destroy' Canada in online video

The most extreme armed faction in Syria has threatened to "destroy" Canada, as Western governments are struggling to deal with radicalized citizens infatuated with Al-Qaeda ideology.

Speaking in flawless English, a member of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant said in an online video that after fighting in the Middle East, the group would turn on North America.

"This is a message to Canada and all the American tyrants: We are coming and we will destroy you, with permission from Allah the almighty," the unidentified foreign fighter said.

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Race to the middle: Rhetoric aside, the major parties have near unanimity on key policies

Apart from being the longest federal campaign in living memory, this has to be the most chaotically confused; not because of the great variety of ideologies on offer, but rather the lack of them.

For if you cut past the partisan babble, you will discern a striking unanimity among Conservatives, New Democrats and Liberals — whether it be legal restrictions on smoking pot (all contemplate reform to one degree or another), or climate change (the provinces will lead, no matter the election result), or the federal share of sales tax (which will not budge even if tax-and-spenders storm the castle Oct. 19).

The middle class, all major parties agree, is the holy of holies. The only serious discord, on economic matters, is over which of them can most credibly lay claim to loving “everyday Canadians” best and rewarding them most, through the sundry goodies of tax cuts, spending and benefits.

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Protocol of Understanding on the Creation of a Strategic Partnership

The Government of Canada is committed to enhancing relationships with key partners in order to further promote issues of common interest. To this end, on February 27, 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and His Highness the Aga Khan signed a Protocol of Understanding committing both sides to regular, high-level consultations on a range of global and regional issues. 

The Protocol of Understanding aims to solidify the important partnership that Canada has developed with the Ismaili Imamat over many years. More specifically, the Protocol of Understanding will further strengthen Canada's ties with the Aga Khan and his network by consolidating their excellent development cooperation relationship; expanding the relationship to include a broader foreign policy and trade dialogue on regions and issues of mutual interest; institutionalizing the relationship through the reciprocal appointment of representatives and the holding of annual consultations; and demonstrating how much Canada values the relationship by expanding the number of courtesies extended to the Aga Khan and his representatives in Canada.

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